My Fourth of July Makeup Routine!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hi everyone! Here in the states, it's almost our Independence Day; July the 4th. I am getting super excited for this holiday. It's one of my favorites because it really just completely captures what summer is all about. So in celebration of that, I decided to do a Fourth of July themed post!

I'm starting off today with a 4th of July Makeup Look. It's going to be pretty simple, with a few accents of color that will really make it pop!

I only used about 7 products for this look because during summer, especially when I know I'll be moving about, I don't want too much on my face. It feels way too heavy.

All I'm starting off with is a face primer - Mine's the Clinique SuperPrimer. I also would recommend using a matte finish primer, like this one by NYX. A matte primer is great because since it's hot and sweaty in July and we're going to be outside barbecuing and watching fireworks, it'll keep that sexy sheen gone from your face!

After primer, I'm going in with a new favorite of mine, the BB Cream from Rimmel (in light) and blending that all in my face using a buffing brush. What I love about BB Cream's is that you can wear them when it's sweltering out and they won't really melt off your face! They also have SPF in them, which is perfect when we're going to be outdoors. This Rimmel BB Cream is really lovely on the skin and has SPF 25 which is just insanely good! It also has the slight smell of sunscreen and for some reason, I really love that.

Next up I'm going to set all that with a Translucent Powder from Rimmel and then do my eyebrows using my Maybelline Mastershape Eyebrow Pencil in Soft Brown.  The next step - Bronzer and Blush - is optional, depending on how much product you want on your face! I skipped it because I tend to sweat quite a bit and powder and BB Cream was enough for me! Also, I know being outdoors will really make my cheeks get red, so I didn't need any extra color there. If you want something else on your face, try a highlighting powder or liquid! But remember, if you've been working with powders mostly, stick with a powdered highlighter. Same with if you've been mostly working with cream-based, liquidy products (try a liquid highlight with cream blush).

Onto my eyes! Like I said, this is going to be super simple. All I did was pat the color 'Dust' from the Naked 3 Palette across my lid and into my inner corner and then used 'Buzz' to give just a really really subtle crease definition. Both are really light, shimmery pink colors which I loved for this look. Next, I took the Ulta Baked Eyeshadow Duo in Deep Blue Something and coated my bottom lash line with it, for a pop of bright blue (are we sensing the Red, White, and Blue pattern yet?).

Here's the eye look! I love how subtle and soft this is! One of my new favorites!

To finish off my eyes, all I'm adding is Mascara! I'm using the Benefit They're Real mascara today.

Um hello there blurry face....hope you get the gist from this blurry mess! haha
To complete my look, I popped on a bright Red lipstick from Rimmel. I used 'Kiss of Life' from the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick line. I love this lipstick because it's super easy to apply and feels soft on your lips. This one has a bit of an orangey base to it, so it look great for summer looks.

As you can see, I added special little pops of color across my face to encapsulate the Fourth of July theme; my blue lower lash line and red lips; and I think it turned out really nice. Feel free to go a little bolder with the lip, more intense with the eye look, or just pop on what feels comfortable for you!!

Hope everyone has a great night!

xo Emily

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