Weekend Wrap-Up

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posting the past few days! It was a pretty busy Fourth of July weekend so I apologize! I hope you, if you're one who celebrates the 4th, had a lovely holiday!

This post is just a bit of a personal weekend wrap-up type; recounting what I did this weekend along with some pictures! I hope you guys enjoy and hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday July 3rd

I had work until about 3 today and then I came home, watched some TV and walked my dog. Then my friend came over and we watched the premiere episode of The Leftovers (it was really good by the way), and then did some little fireworks at my house! 

Time for sparklers!

How pretty do these look!?

Friday the 4th 

Today was the big holiday! I woke up and watched the two world cup matches of the day (Go Argentina!) and then met up with my friend later that night. We hung out for a bit and then went to watch the fireworks that my city does every 4th. Everyone gathers on the Quad, sits on blankets, and enjoys the fireworks!

Here's my very festive 4th outfit! The sweater is from Necessary Clothing, and I'm wearing Jeans from American Eagle!

The fireworks were absolutely beautiful. I've always loved them. I think they're such an amazing feat of science and technology and pyrotechnics so I'm constantly amazed by them. I do wish we had fireworks like the ones in Lord of the Rings though! :)

The fireworks ended a little before 10, so me and friends came back to my house and did a few more fun, little fireworks! 

I always do the Climbing Panda in honor of my sister, Amanda. Her nickname is Panda and she's far away in D.C. so I set off the Panda firework in her honor!

Freckles, my dog, was very nervous and scared all weekend. This was her, curled up on top of me after I got back inside! Poor girl!

Saturday the 5th

Yesterday was a low-key day. I woke up feelings kind of sick so Freckles and I watched the World Cup games and then went on a Starbucks run! She was really happy to be going along, can't you tell! (The dress if Forever 21, the Kimono/Robe is NastyGal)

That brings us to.......

Sunday the 6th

Today is a pretty lazy day. I'm still kind of sick so I think I'll be doing a bunch of cleaning, and some more lounging around! 

Hope you all had a fun, safe, 4th!

xo Emily

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