The Perfect Red Matte Lip

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I think that one of my all-time favorite makeup products is a good red lipstick. Unfortunately, it's so hard to find the perfect shade and the perfect formula. I've tried many a red lipstick in many different forms, and today I'm sharing my favorite combination for that perfect matte lip. 

This mixture has been working out really nicely when I want to have a beautiful matte lip.

To apply the lip products, I usually just freehand it. But since it's such a dark shade and harder to fix up, it's easier to line your lips with the shade first and then fill them in. If you don't wear a lot of lipstick then I'd definitely suggest lining your lips using a lip liner or lip brush. 

I used a lip brush and the NARS lip pencil to line my lips and then used the pencil to fill in the rest of my lips. I then went over my lips with the Sephora Lip Cream to darken it up. Once it dries, it leaves your lips matte and beautifully red.

What are your favorite red lip products?

xo Emily


  1. That's so vibrant. new reader of your blog :)
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. Love the shade! Gorgeous!

    Mademoiselle Coconath