The Weekly Wrap-Up: July 14-20

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Welcome to another wrap-up of my week!

Monday July 14

The start of my week was a painful one. In my quick and easy hairstyle post last Monday, I mentioned I had my ingrown toenails cut out which was absolutely, incredibly painful, so I just spent my day relaxing, watching psych, and snacking away.

Tuesday July 15

On Tuesday I went to work then hung out with one of my very best friends, Samantha.

We had pasta at one of my favorite local places, Flat Branch Pub then went out for ice cream!

Wednesday July 16

Today was another low-key day. I went to work, on a few errands, and then my family and I made a fire in our backyard and grilled some yummy shakes!

Thursday July 17

Today was a busy one! I got off early from work and couldn't resist going to visit the little baby kitties at Petsmart. I've been a bit kitten-obsessed as of late. 

Loooook at them!!! They're soo cute!

I also got to pick up my VIP movie passes that I won from a radio contest so that was pretty fun!

The Weekend: July 18-20

I spent the rest of my week visiting family out of town, which was really nice and relaxing, especially as I have had a bit of a stressful few weeks! I found out some really great news though, so that stress might be alleviated a bit in the future months!

Hope you all had a great week and weekend too!

xo Emily

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