A Bit of Pink

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pink is probably my favorite color; I have the bed sheets and notebooks and knick knacks to prove it. The thing is, I don't really ever wear pink. There might be a bit of pink in a floral top I have but I think the only pink thing I own is a winter dress that I barely wear. I also am not prone to wearing pink lipstick or eyeshadow either. I decided to give that a change once I got the new Too Faced Everything Nice Holiday Palette since it has quite a few really beautiful pinky shades that I couldn't resist trying out.

I love how it turned out (especially the slight ombre effect) and I think pink should be something I experiment a lot more with!

To Create This Look:

1. Prime your eyelids {so the product will stay on and keep its pigmentation the entire day}
2. Using a fluffy blending brush, define your crease lightly using 'Dream On'. {we'll come back to this light tan matte shade to really blend out the shadows}
3. Now, with a flat brush, pat 'Paper Roses' across your whole lid. {this is a baby pink shimmer shade, and will look great underneath the rest of the shadows we use}
4. Again, take a fluffy brush and lightly define your crease using 'Dream On'.
5. Taking a flat brush, pat 'Kindness is Free' on the outer to middle part of your lid. {this shade, which is a bit of a darker pink shimmer shade is super pigmented and will look great on the lid}
6. Take a clean eyeshadow brush of your choosing and blend 'Paper Roses' and 'Kindness is Free' together so there is no harsh line. {we want it to look almost as if it's an ombre effect and seamless}
7. After defining your crease once again, take 'Totally Fetch' and place that in the complete outer corner of your eye, working it slightly into the crease. {this is a bright, hot pink shimmer shade and as our final pink shadow, it works great to darken up the crease.
8. Blend everything out once again with both a fluffy blending brush into the crease with 'Dream On' and that same eyeshadow brush we used to blend the first two pink shades together. {again, we want it to look as blended as possible}
9. Line your upper lid lightly. I used a Maybelline gel liner. {or don't line it, it will look great either way. I wanted a really subtle line because this look is all about the pink}
10. Finish off the eyes with lashings of mascara. I'm using Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara because it leaves my lashes looking full and voluminous {the Maybelline Pumped Up! Colossal mascara is a great drugstore alternative}
11. To keep your face looking fresh and matching the eye look, use a bright pink blush. I used Too Faced's Sweet Pink which is a super pigmented hot pink shade {be careful with application of hot pink blushes, especially if you've got very light skin. A little goes a LONG way}
12. The last step is to highlight. I used Too Faced's Inner Light which comes in this palette. {pop it on the top of your cheekbones, your cupids bow and down your nose aka all the places the sun will naturally hit your face}

I love the subtle shimmer that 'Inner Light' gives me
I finished everything off using NYX's Butter Gloss in the shade Fortune Cookie which gave me just enough color and worked great with the pink shadows.

What color do you tend to skip when wearing makeup? Try experimenting with it!

xo Emily


  1. This colour looks so pretty. Pink is usually my go to colour for eyeshadow as I love the simple pretty look. I do love experimenting with eyeshadow though!


  2. Looks cute! Now I really want to experiment with pink!


  3. Your eye makeup looks amazing! I've never thought of doing pink shadow. It looks really good on you.

    Julia Kristina