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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I think it's time for a conversation about lipstick......

I really love lipstick, but I had never been the most religious wearer of it. I would sometimes wear it if I was going out on the town, to a party, or a nice event.

Lately though, I've become a bit more consistent in my usage! I've gotten new lipsticks and have tried to be more daring overall with my fashion and beauty and decided to really commit to the whole lipstick thing! I also have found that when I wear lipstick, I can go softer with my eye look and wear less makeup, which is really helping keep my face cleaner and less weighed down with product!

In today's post, Im going to share my favorite and current lipsticks that I really love! It's a pretty varied, random group of lipsticks (both in color and brand) but I adore them all the same!

First off, let’s start with my absolute favorite lipstick of all time! It’s one of MAC’s ‘Frost’ variety lipsticks called ‘Angel’. MAC lipsticks are just fantastic and anyone who likes makeup would probably agree. I don’t buy too many of them, because they run for about $16 but I think it’s okay to have a few favorite colors from their collection!

I picked this specific lipstick up a long time ago, but it lasts a long time. It’s the perfect soft pink because it’s subtle enough to wear everyday, but also has a bit of glitter and sheen that’s great for any other occasion.

Next up is another MAC favorite, but it’s the stark opposite of the creamy subtleness of ‘Angel’. It’s one of their ‘Satin’ lipsticks in the shade ‘Cyber’. This one is an intense, blackish-purple lipstick that really stands out. It’s definitely noticeable.

I like this for when I’m feeling a little more mischievous and sexy, because it’s fun and dark and mysterious. I love pairing a completely black outfit with this, especially in wintertime! It’s sultry and fun and oh so beautiful!

My next lipstick, which goes with the theme of 'higher quality, non-drugstore' lipsticks, is the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick #14 'Corail in Touch'. I would never normally buy something so expensive (it runs for $35) but it was a totally indulgent purchase. I wanted to feel fancy :)

Oh but you get what you pay for. This looks gorgeous on the lips and slides on easy and buttery. It's highly pigmented and smells amazing. This color, a peachy, coral, orangey, pinky mix, is just perfect for summer. A total winner in my book (if you can stomach the price). Also, check out the packaging. It's just so glamorous and classy. Love it.

Next up is my last higher-end lipstick. It's the Make Up For Ever Rouge Artiste Intense #8 'Matte Bright Red'. This stuff is absolutely fantastic. I love matte lipsticks and this is one of the best you can get. It goes for $20 but it's so highly pigmented that it lasts such a long time.

This shade, which is a simultaneously deep and bright red, slides on beautifully for that perfect matte finish. It also doesn't slide off or smudge; it'll stay on all night!

Moving past those pesky expensive brands (those are the only four I have), let's now look at my favorite drugstore variety lipsticks.

There's not going to be a lot (or any) variety in the brand of these drug store lipsticks because all of them are either Rimmel or Revlon. I was looking through my lipsticks and realized this fact and was quite shocked. I guess stick with what works?

Let's start with Revlon!

First up are my two Revlon ColorBurst Balms. If you don't know, Revlon has a few different varities of their balms and I have a Lacquer balm and Matte balm currently.

My Lacquer balm is #105 'Demure Réservée', which is a super pink and glittery lipstick that goes on like chapstick and gives you a shiny, gorgeous finish to your lips. My Matte balm is #225 'Sultry Sulfureuse'. This one is a more plum, dark-pink shade and finishes matte (duh). I love both of these to add everyday color to my lips. I think they're a pretty good deal for around $8.

Another favorite from Revlon are the Lip Butters, which come in such a huge variety! I have around 6 of these, so I thought I'd just show you my current favorite. 

This one is #40 'Red Velvet'. These are so buttery and moisturizing, and your lips feel instantly hydrated. (These go for $6-$9 depending on where you are)

My last Revlon lip product is their Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme in #423 'Pink Velvet'. This is just a really standard lip color, and like all Revlon lip proucts I've encountered, goes on so easy and buttery on your lips.

This shade is just the perfect dark pink that I find looks really great for everyday wear. I got this on sale for $4 so I enjoy it all the more :)

My last two favorites are both from Rimmel and both are stunning. 

First up is the Moisture Renew Lipstick in #644 'Let's Get Naked'. Ooh la la, naughty!

I love this light pink shade and it's perfectly buttery and smooth. It's an awesome alternative to my light pink MAC lipstick! (Probably because it's only $5)

And for our last lipstick of the day, I've got the Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick in #111 'Kiss of Life'. This is my favorite Red other than my Make Up For Ever matte lipstick. 

I love how smooth the Rimmel lipsticks are and I find this color really compliments my skin tone and gives me that kick of self-confidence only dark red lipstick can! Plus it's really quite cheap, 1/4 of the price of my fancy red lipstick!

To give you an idea of what the colors look like, I've got them swatched here!
From left to right: (Lacquer Balm-Demure Réservée, Matte Balm-Sultry Sulfureuse, Lip Butter-Red Velvet, Super Lustrous Creme-Pink Velvet, Kate-Kiss of Life, Moisture Renew-Let's Get Naked, MAC-Cyber, MAC-Angel, Make Up Forever-Matte Red, YSL-Corail in Touch)

So that's it for the day! I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite lipsticks and my suggestions for you! Making this made me itch for some new colors though.....

Hope everyone is having a great week!

xo Emily

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