Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Bitten by a Vampire

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hey guys! I have another Halloween makeup tutorial for you today and this one is probably the most simple of them all. I call this look 'Bitten by a Vampire' but you can honestly be anything creepy using this look. 

To start, do you regular base routine - except use a foundation that is about two or three shades lighter then your normal skin so you have that pale, dead, and gloomy look. 

Set your face with a powder - dead things usually aren't so shiny - and do your brows as you would normally. 

Next, line your upper water line and your lower water and lash line. Then, give yourself a black smoky eye. All I did was take a black matte shadow and slowly begin to blend it onto my lid - bringing the color into a cat eye shape, building its intensity as I went. 

Next, I lined my upper lash line with a liquid liner, giving myself a dramatic cat eye. 

Be sure to add generous coats of mascara!

Next, I went in with a black gel liner (you can usue a liquid liner, paint, or lipstick if you have it) to fill in my lips. I wanted to look dark and creepy and have the black in my eye and on my lips contrast with the white of my skin and the red of the "blood".

Finally, I added the "blood". I just used a red lipstick I had and smeared it out near my lip (as if I just fed for the first time) and created little bite marks on my neck. Feel free to use fake blood for this as well - it would actually look a lot more realistic than my lipstick.

I hope you guys liked this easy tutorial! 

xo Emily

Autumn Lip Favorites

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Here are some of my picks for Autumn Lip colors. They're all perfect for the Fall months and cold weather!
Autumn Lips
1. NARS Audacious Lipstick in Bette - Dark Red
2. MAC Lipstick in Dark Side - Deep Burgundy
3. YSL Rouge Per Couture Kiss and Love Collection Lipstick in Le Rouge - Perfect Deep Red
4. Colour Pop Lip Pencil in Grunge - Cool Toned Plum Brown
5. YSL  Rouge Per Couture Glossy Stain in Le Nu - Deep Nude
6. MAC Lip Pencil in Spice - Plum, Nude
7. Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Berry Punch - Bright Berry
8. Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Pencil in Innocent - Brown, Nude 

What are your picks?

xo Emily

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Deer

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hey everyone! I have another Halloween makeup tutorial for you today. This look is for a deer and it's so easy (and cute!)

To get this look:
1. Use a bronzer to darken your temples, forehead and cheekbones. I used Too Faced's Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. It looks a bit silly as is, but once we put other shadows and products on top of it, it'll come together.

2. Using a brown gel liner, (I used L'Oreal's Infallible Lacquer Liner in 'Espresso') fill in your brows and from them, draw a line down your nose on both sides. Fill your nose/nostrils in a heart shape, creating the nose of a deer. You can google the shape and style online and draw off that.

2. Using a white shimmery shadow, fill under your eyes. Bring that shadow down until it naturally fades out. Bring the shadow up to you forehead as well. This is where we will place our dots. I used 'Snow' from the Lorac Pro Palette 2 to do this, but any white/silver/cream shimmery shadow works. 

3. Place this color up your nose between the two brown lines as well, as well as a bit on your chin and cupid's bow.

4. Using a white eyeliner, draw white spots on the places we already put white shimmery shadow - the temple, forehead, and cheeks. I used the Jumbo Eyeliner Stick from NYX.

5. Add your own makeup to your eyes to finish it all off. I did a brown smoky eye with the Stila Cosmetics Liquid Liner and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

To finish off this look, it's easy to add accessories. Buy or create your own antlers and wear a nude leotard, using the same white spots to adorn it! Or, just wear a brown shirt and jeans and you're all set!

xo Emily

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Harley Quinn

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hey everybody! Halloween is fast approaching so I thought I'd show you some easy and fun makeup looks for Halloween. Today's is Harley Quinn - a la Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad. I think this is such a fun and easy makeup look to achieve and extremely timely considering how close the movie is to coming out.

1. Apply a foundation that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin, so that you get that pale complexion that Harley has. I used Rimmel's Match Perfection Foundation, applying it with a Real Techniques Foundation Brush. (I'm aware I look scary, but it's the price to pay to be Harley Quinn)

2. Set your foundation - Harley is very matte, not shiny - make sure you're using a pressed powder that is the same shade or a lighter shade than your foundation. I used Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 'Transparent' so that the color stays.

3. Next, fill in our brows however you prefer. Per usual, I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Chocolate.

4. Next, take a black kohl/pencil liner and messily apply it to both of your lids. I used L'Oreal's Silkissime Eyeliner. Then, you can either use your fingers or a brush to blend it in, again messily. You want it to look really messy - extending how smudgy it is beyond your lid.

5. Now, use a blue eyeshadow and apply it messily on your left eyelid. I used a blue shadow from the Too Faced 'Everything Nice' Palette, but any shade will do. Again, extend the color and smudging past where your eyelid is, dropping a bit of color onto your cheekbone as well. 

6. For the right eyelid, we want it to be the same as the left, except red. I didn't have a red eyeshadow so I used NARS Velvet Lip Pencil in 'Mysterious Red', smudging it out.

7. Now, apply mascara and your eyes are done! I put on Benefit's They're Real Liner.

8. Apply a red lipstick to your lips. I used the same lipstick I used for my right eyelid. Once applied, take two fingers and make a smudge mark on the right lower lip, bringing it down towards your chin.

9. Time to make Harley Quinn's heart. Using a black liner, draw and fill in a small heart on the top of your right cheekbone. I just used NYX's Liquid Liner

10. To finish everything off, I used NYX's Matte Finishing Spray

And voila, there's my Harley Quinn makeup look. It's really incredibly easy to do and all you need to finish the look are two high ponytails, a baseball tee, and black booty shorts.

xo Emily

Colour Pop

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hi everyone! Today I'm showing and talking to you about my recent ColourPop order. I've heard a lot of really great things about the brand so I finally decided to place an order. I got three lipsticks, two eyeshadows, and one highlighter. 

The Lipsticks
Cookie - Nude Beige {Matte}
Tootsi - Cool Toned Grey Beige {Matte}
Frenchie - Bright Neon Red {Matte}

The Eyeshadows
Mittens - Deep Warm Brown {Matte}
La La - Rose Gold {Metallic}

The Highlight
Lunch Money - Light Gold {Reflective Duo Chrome Finish}

 So far, I'm loving the products. They're so affordable ($5 for the lipsticks, $5 for the eyeshadows, $8 for the highlight plus shipping was free) and are high quality as well. I'm quite partial to the lipsticks - they're really pigmented and beautiful on the lips.

I'm loving everything so far and have been experimenting with makeup looks using the products, which I'll share soon! I especially love that everything I purchased is perfect for fall.

xo Emily

September Favorites

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hi October! It's so weird that we're already at this point in the year. I've got five favorites for the month of September - five all time favorites if I'm being perfectly honest.
1. NARS Lip Gloss | Turkish Delight ($26) - This has become one of my favorites lip glosses this month. It has a fantastic, non-sticky formula and it's such a perfect sheer, yet colorful shade of pink.
2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit | Light/Medium ($40) - I only got this 10 days ago, but this is one of the best palettes I've ever bought. I had been thinking about buying it for awhile and I'm so glad I did. The two setting powders are perfect for concealer and the highlighter is such a wearable, shimmery shade. And of course, the three contour shades are lovely and have such a great formula.
3. H&M Shirt Dress ($20) - I absolutely love this dress! It was perfect to wear when it was still kind of hot and it's perfect now, as it gets cold. I love it. 
4. Target Shag Rug | Grey ($35) - I had been needing a cute little rug for my room and this one was a perfect size and it's soft and fun to walk on. Luckily, it was really affordable too.
5. Amazon Kindle | Paperwhite ($100) - I love reading and lately, I've had to commute to work a bit longer than usual and so I've been utilizing this thing like crazy. I'm about to start the hyped up 'Girl on the Train'. I especially love the Kindle Paperwhite because it lights up when it's dark, so you can read whenever you want.

What have you been loving in September? And do you have any suggestions I should put on my kindle?

xo Emily