The Weekly Wrap-Up: July 7-13

Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's time to wrap-up my week!

I love doing this type post because it's a fun way to both keep track of what I've gotten up to over the week while also sharing fun and interesting events here!

Monday July 7

A pretty relaxing day. I worked out, cooked a bit, and did a fun manicure! I started to feel a bit sick about midday so I just did nothing and slept and ate toast and soup!

I looked pretty good before I descended into sleepy sicky cuteness!

Tuesday July 8

I felt really ill today, so I had to skip work and slept in. I started a feel a bit better and then went on a long walk with my mom and took a bath. 

Another few spottings of the neighborhood kitties!!! (I'm getting my own kittens soon)

I then watched a few movies and TV shows and went to bed early!

Wednesday July 9

Today was another chill day of working and blogging and writing. I also spent about an hour at the public library because I love to read and just wanted to get away for a bit. 

My #ootd was a super fun one, that I needed to share. It's a pretty frequently wore outfit but there's no shame in that. I just love that the butterfly on my shirt is made up of TONS OF OTHER SMALLER BUTTERFLIES!!!!

I went to the grocery store to get some food and produce, which was fun. There was a 10/$1 sale on limes so I ended up eating 20!

Notice the cheese related humor on the right.....I was laughing for about a 1000 years at that!

Thursday July 10

I worked today as well, and after I got home my parents were already gone to a concert so I kind of did nothing all night, since I was still a bit tired and grumpy from being ill!

Since it was Throwback Thursday, I texted my sister this photo of us, where I legit look like a demon and of course, she instagrammed it! Haha

Friday July 11

I don't work on Fridays so I slept way in (2:30 oops!). When I woke up, I had some cereal and got ready since I needed to run some errands. My parents went to a double-feature at the movie theater and I headed to Target, Ulta, and Walgreens. I picked up some awesome stuff which I'll share in my next Friday Finds!

Freckles and I went on a trip to the drugstore as well. How cute is she?

After I got home, Freck and I watched a few movies then conked out early!

Saturday July 12

I got up really early today because quite often my mom and I go garage-saling, shopping, and head to the Farmer's Market! We hit a few garage sales (and found nothing special) then headed to our local Farmer's Market.

I love getting food and plants and fruit at Farmer's Markets. Most everything is fresh, organic, and raised with no chemicals. We picked up fresh blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries and got a bunch of fresh veggies. 

One of my favorite stands is run by a baker and her mother. There are tons of fresh and tasty baked goods so I picked up a ton of stuff from there, including a loaf of Chocoalte Zuchhini Bread. (It sounds scary but it's the best stuff on earth!)

After the Farmer's Market, I watched the Third Place Game and then my Mom and I went to the grocery store! We had delicious, fresh chicken for dinner with green beans we picked up at the market! I spent the rest of my night watching Psych. It was a great day!

Sunday July 13

And all that brings us to today, Sunday. Today is usually a day in my typical week where I catch up on work, blogging, and cleaning! I started the day off making breakfast and cleaning up my room before sitting down to watch the World Cup Final!

I was rooting more for Germany, who I've loved as a team for years now! I was sooo excited to see them win, even in extra time! I was glad it didn't go to penalties because, especially since it was the last game, I think it needed to be decided in actual game play!

So that was my week! It was pretty fun and productive and I'm looking forward to this coming week because I'm going to go visit family!

Hope everyone had an awesome week!

xo Emily

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