Quick Hairstyle How-To

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Monday! I've got a Quick Hairstyle How-To today! Enjoy!

Hey guys! Happy Monday once again! Today has been quite stressful to say the least. 

Like a lot of people, I have had a huge problem with ingrown toenails (yuck!) and last fall had to do the procedure to remove them from both of my big toes! It was very painful! What is even worse then the pain is that unless you do an even more extensive, painful procedure where they put chemicals where your nails are, they grow back easily! That's what happened to me! So today I got my two big toes done once again and let me say, it was not fun! So I'm just in bed recovering now, because it hurts to walk! 

Me loving life at the Podiatrist, as you do!

I thought I'd share with you a how-to of a favorite hairstyle of mine; the halo braid half updo! I've shared this hairstyle before but really wanted to do another post on it because I've been wearing it constantly!

There are just 8 easy steps to achieve my favorite hair look!

1. Brush out your hair completely, making sure you haven't got any knots. I also gave mine a bit of a tease so that I'd have more volume.
2. Curl your hair. I try for the 'beachy wave' so I just use a bigger curling wand (3/4 inch or higher) and alternate curling towards my head and away from my head.
3. Pull your hair into a typical half-pony/updo. Secure it with bobby-pins.
4. Take about a 1 inch piece of hair from the side of your head (like above) and braid it.
5. Keep your braid pretty tight or even give it a little bit of tug to separate it for texture. 
6. Do the same braid on the other side.
7. Bring one braid across your head in a 'Halo' fashion (hence the name), secure it with bobby pins.
8. Bring the other braid across your head and place it next to the other halo'd braid! Secure with bobby pins!

Finish up the look with hair spray, sea salt spray, and shine spray and Voila! You have the Halo Braid Half Updo!

The final look from the back! I love the messy look to this!

So that's the look! Hope you guys liked it!

I'll just be lazing around with my nurse (Freckles), my medicine (Ibuprofen and chocolate), and my entertainment (Psych). 

Have a great week friends!

xo Emily

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