Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sometimes, I think it's hard to indulge. For me especially, I get incredibly bad buyer's remorse. I sometimes even go back and return a bunch of things I had just bought. That being said, sometimes I think it's okay to indulge and spend way too much on something, no matter how silly you think it is.


For me, a moment like that came when I bought a beautiful YSL Rouge Volupté shine lipstick. 

First off, YSL is probably one of the most glamorous brands I can think of, ever, and I felt fancy even being near their gorgeous line of cosmetics. I especially love their lipsticks, because they are just so damn gorgeous!

I picked up the color #14 'Corail in Touch' and instantly felt about 30000% more luxe and chic.

To really pack in that whole 'indulgence' theme, I'll tell you that these run for $35 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) which is a price I've never paid for lipstick, ever! But, like I said, sometimes it's nice to indulge. I did not need to buy this lipstick, but boy did I want it. 

I just LOVE the way it looks on my lips!
First off, the packaging is beautiful. Just looking at it makes me happy. It also smells amazing, and slides onto your lips perfectly. The color is beautiful and it keeps your lips looking hydrated and glossy. I don't even wear a gloss over it because it just keeps you shiny. 

It's a peachy, coral, orange color and I think it's perfect for summer. I will definitely be trying out another one of these (once I can stomach it to be quite honest)


Do you have any products that you just had to indulge in?

xo Emily

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