New Room Snippets Part 1

Friday, October 10, 2014

I've been back at school in my new apartment and room for about a month now and I've finally got just about everything put together and looking pretty! I thought I'd do a few posts on how I've decorated and organized everything! Hope you enjoy!

 This is probably my favorite part of my room - my desk area and the view from my chair. It's where I do most of my homework and blogging and I wanted to be surrounded by things I love, things I need, and light.

I placed christmas lights above my desk and then strung them across the rest of my room as well.

It's the perfect place to store all my favorite sunglasses! (From left: Forever 21, Asos, Asos, Ray-Ban, Francesca's)

Below my sunglasses is this cute little 'E' decoration that I've had for ages and ages and I never fail to put this somewhere in my room. I got it as a gift years ago from Anthropologie. I've got my class schedule to the right and a cute lil mummified rubber ducky chilling on my desk.

To the right of my sunglasses are a few little bits and bobs that I love. I still need to add more to my wall but I like what I have so far! The signed playbill for the most recent play I went to, a mini map of Middle Earth, my 2013 Bonnaroo Sticker, and a cute little turtle hang out here.

I've also taken to storing my necklaces here as well. I've got four pins up where I place them, and it looks really pretty among the lights! (It's also easy to pick which one I want to wear! Having them so close and in my face makes me want to wear them more too!)

Right in the center I have this nice piece of artwork made my one of my roommates, Liz, who is a visual arts major and so talented. I love that it's black and white and acts as a signature piece that brings the area in front of my desk all together!! I've also got some polaroids and photobooth pictures (Elsa's on the left and I've got another roomie Allison on the right.)

Here's a great view of the wall. As you can see, it's really light and pretty and helps me to relax and smile every time I see it!

I'll show you more of my room soon!

xo Emily


  1. Love your room design, it's so nice :) Love the way you store your sunglasses.

  2. This is so cute! The way you hung your sunglasses is so unique and pretty!

  3. It looks so cute & warm :) I absolutely love the fairy lights! x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  4. This blog is so beautiful and photos are AMAZING !!!

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  5. I love it! It definitely screams YOU and the lights are lovely!!
    Hope you have a great day! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog