Holiday Dress Inspiration

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey everyone! I hope your day is going wonderfully, I know mine is. Today I've got a quick post about Holiday Dress inspiration. 

I've been checking out a few different online sites for some great holiday dresses, as I've got a few family parties and friend parties that I'll be attending and have been really successful in finding inspiration. One great site, reached out to me and asked if I might be interested in checking out their site. I was, because a lot of their dresses are super cute for the holiday season. The site has a bunch of great prom dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and wedding dresses, which I'm definitely not ready for yet, but I found my niche under their cocktail dresses and party dresses sections. There were hundreds of super cute and fun party dresses, for every single age group and personality type. The options were endless.

Finally, I figured out a few of my favorites and I'm going to share with you my picks. 

Dress Inspiration

 My first pick is this A-Line Black Deep V-Neck dress, which is perfectly elegant and appropriate for any sort of party you'd attend. It's the type of style of dress that really flatters every figure and I think it'd be perfect for Christmas and New Years parties. Next up is this gorgeous A-Line Ivory Bateau dress which kind of reminds me of Mad Men, which makes it a lot more fun.  I especially love this Strapless Soft Pink Chiffon dress in particular. Plus, all three of my picks, and most every cocktail dress is under $100 or even less!

A fun feature about the website is that there are customer testimonies at the bottom of each dress. It lets you know exactly what the wearers of the dresses think and feel about their products. It's also incredibly fun to see the clothes in action, rather than only on a model on a website. I often find that I won't know how exactly a clothing item will fit me, so seeing it on women who look like me is pretty special. It's also special to see these really cute pictures of everyone enjoying their dresses at prom and at parties. 

I was happy to see that right now, they have up to 85% off on their site plus quick 2 day shipping if you spend a certain amount. Plus, any size and color are available for all the dresses, and you can choose your preference when you order. It makes it a lot easier to get something you love. 

What's your pick from Aviva? Do you have a favorite website for Holiday dress inspiration?

xo Emily


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