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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hello hello!

I am finally, finally finished with my room organization (a long, drawn-out process), and that means I have all makeup and beauty items organized as well! I thoroughly went through all my products and decided what I loved, what needed to go, and wound up with a set of products to put in my makeup bag! 

I thought I'd share and show you how I organize my makeup bag and what I deem the most essential! Hope you enjoy!

First off: The Bag. I'm using this Sonia Kashuk Floral Print Makeup Bag which I picked up from Target for only $10. 

I'm really loving this bag so far. My previous makeup bag was nice, but this one has more space and is longer, which means I can fit brushes in without them getting all smushed. It also has two, small inner pockets on each side which are great for organization.

In addition to the space and quality, the bag is super cute and I think the roses are sooo pretty!

Let's open it up!

I have two ways that I usually organize my makeup bags. If I know I'll be applying makeup at home then I organize my bag in one way. If I know I'll be applying my makeup somewhere else, (on a trip, late for work/school) I have another organization.

The first way, (which I employ at home, when I have time and space to do my makeup) is the 'throw everything in there and hope it doesn't get too messy' method. This method, although not preferred for efficiency and organization, is easiest when I'm at home. For this, I just dump everything in without a care because I will just be dumping it out to sort through my products anyway! 

The second way, which as you can see above, is so much prettier, is when I place items in my bag in the order that I will use them. This means that I place the items I use last in my makeup routine (eyeshadows, eyeliners, highlighters) at the bottom and items I use first (primer, foundation, concealer) at the top of the bag. Although this is ideal, it doesn't often end up happening. A more honest description is, 'put everything in there in the most organized and efficient way and then hopefully put it back the same way to avoid wasting time and space' method. 

That was confusing. But basically what I do is put eye shadow palettes, highlighter, blush, and pressed powder at the bottom and then on top I stack primer, foundation/bb cream, concealers, and large brushes (my powder and blush brush). In the two little pockets that I mentioned, I put my smaller eye brushes in one and then eyeliner, brow products, and mascara in the other.

So let's get into the products in my makeup bag!
These products are some of my all-time and current favorites. For example, you won't ever find my makeup bag without the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer or the Rimmel Pressed Powder, but I will switch up certain eyeshadows, eyeliner, and blush! (Current faves are Benefit's Rockateur blush and the Tarte Golden Days and Sultry Nights palette)

Here's a list and description of products in the order I usually apply them.


Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser - This is a new product for me and I think it's Maybelline's take on the POREfessional primer. I am loving it so far. Since it's summer, I usually apply this to where I sweat or get oily the most: the T-zone, under my eyes, and a bunch on my chin.
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light - Not a new product, but a favorite. This has low coverage (which I love), contains SPF, and goes on really easy. 
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Fair - Another old favorite. It's just a great product for covering up dark circles under your eyes (of which I have everyday)  
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Fair - Another new product, so I'm giving it a chance in my makeup bag. I'm not overly impressed at the moment, but time will tell.
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent - The absolute BEST translucent pressed powder. Just....go buy it. So cheap, so much product, SO AMAZING!


Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Light - I'm liking this so far, that's why it's in my makeup bag. It was a 'Friday Find' last week and has been performing ever since I got it. AMAZING.
Benefit's Rockateur Blush - Loving this product at the moment. It was in one my 'Friday Finds' posts and I elaborate on it here if you care to read.
Sephora Baked Illuminating Powder in Light Beam - My most favorite highlighter EVER (well, one of the only ones I've used so time will tell). This is a great product and I swear I will never run out of it.


Tarte Golden Days and Sultry Nights Palette - Another very very new product (I only picked it up a few days ago) but I am LOVING it so far. I did a whole entire post on it on Tuesday and you can read that here.
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette - I think of all the Naked Palettes, the basics palette is the one you should purchase. Six perfect shades, simple and important for makeup looks. I use each of these shades regularly. It will never go out of style.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara - This is just a great mascara. On the higher-end of the mascaras, but I think it's well worth the $20.
Maybelline Falsies Mascara - I think everyone and their mother loves this mascara and it's obvious why: HUGE lashes and an affordable price! Sold! 

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Soft Brown - Well loved across the beauty community (or so I'm told) but new to me. I'm liking it so far, the color comes out really natural and the applicator is small, which I think is better for natural color and easy color-building.
Milani EasyBrow in Dark Brown - A cheap alternative to these higher end brow product and a personal favorite. I love the spooli brush that comes with it! 
Sonia Kashuk Brow Gel - Just your average brow gel. One thing I must say is that it's not my favorite - everytime you close the lid, it seeps out! No good. I need a suggestion for a new gel!
NYC HD Liquid EyeLiner - Cheap, easy to apply, dark as my sisters cat Toby (that's a good thing, he's really really black). I love this stuff! 


On the left: Real Techniques contour brush, Jessup pointed foundation brush, RT buffing brush, RT blush brush, and Jessup large powder brush.

On the right: Sonia Kashuk blending brush, RT accent brush, RT deluxe crease brush, RT base shadow brush, Jessup angled eyeshadow brush, Jessup crease brush.

Most of these brushes are Real Techniques and if you want an affordable, durable, and great makeup brush, you should really check out these brushes! You can get the core face and eye collections for around $15 which is absolutely amazing. I love them!

The other brushes are Sonia Kashuk and Jessup which is a dupe for Sigma brushes. They're obviously not as good as Sigma brushes but they're only $6 and really do work. Here's the ebay link if you want to check them out.

So that's it: my makeup bag! For some reason, I LOVE organizing my makeup bag and putting new and fun products inside. I'm weird though.

I hope everyone enjoyed!!! 

xo Emily

P.S. I'm just noticing how many Maybelline products I have in here. Wow.

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