Friday Finds: Skincare

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hey guys! Happy Friday!! I hope everyone is doing lovely! I did a bit of a blog remodel and I'm loving how it looks right now!

And because it's Friday, I'm doing another edition of 'Friday Finds' and this one is all skincare items! I got five new things that I'm really happy about and I thought I'd share my 'finds'!

The first skincare product I picked up was the Boots Extracts Coconut Body Butter. If you haven't heard of 'Boots', what I know is that it's a huge store in the UK where you can buy a whole bunch of stuff - kind of similar to Walgreens or CVS or something like that in the states. 

They have a line of skincare and makeup that recently came to Target so I decided to pick some stuff up!

This body butter is really nice so far. The smell is amazing and it's perfect for summer. Funnily enough, I hate actual coconut but I love coconut smelling things!

Next, I picked up the Boots Botanics Cleansing Foam Wash in All BRIGHT. I absolutely LOVE this. There were a few different variations on the same cleaning foam wash but I thought the brightening hibiscus would work best for me and it has so far!

I grabbed up a toner from the same brand next. The Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Refreshing Toner has been good so far but I think I need more time to find out if it's really doing a lot for my skin. I'm not 100% on board with toners just yet!

Next, I picked up another Boots Botanics product, the Eye Serum Triple Age Renewal. I like this product, it's moisturizing and has reduced puffiness so far. I'm hoping it gets rid of some of those fine lines around my eyes!

The last 'find' was a Crabtree and Evelyn Body Lotion with lemon, honey, and coriander. I've only used this once or twice but it's nice so far! 

That's it for my 'Friday Finds' skincare edition! I am really loving a few of these products so far and I feel like I'm already seeing results from them!

P.S. I did a bit of a blog remodel! Do you like?

xo Emily 

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