Product Review: Tarte Golden Days and Sultry Nights Palette

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I was away visiting family without wi-fi, so I am coming to you finally with a blog post.

 Recently, as I've been shopping and getting various bits and bobs, I've kept my eye open for a new eyeshadow palette. I really hadn't wanted to spend $50 on a massive, fancy palette but I also didn't want to spend $10 on a low-quality palette. I finally found my happy medium when I was at Ulta a few days ago. I picked up the Tarte - Golden Days and Sultry Nights Amazonian Clay Collector's Shadow Palette (wow what a mouthful) for $36 and today on my blog I'll be doing a product review! 

I know for a lot of people, myself included, $36 dollars is not cheap. I really wanted to get a palette from a higher quality brand (like Tarte, Urban Decay, Benefit, etc.) but I also wanted to keep the price in the $20-$40 range. This was my compromise. I know Tarte has great products so I was expecting a lot and (spoiler alert) this did not dissapoint. I think the price, although steep, is worth it. Don't get this palette unless you're absolutely in love with all the colors and think you'll use them regualarly. There's no point in an expensive palette unless you know you'll get use out of it!!

Okay! On with the review!

First off, the packaging is really stunning. It caught my eye in the store and upon opening, it doesn't disappoint. 

There are five beautiful colors inside as well as a pretty decent sized mirror! 

1. Toes in the Sand - matte creamy white
2. Espadrilles - light matte brown
3. Caparinha Cocktails - shimmery gold
4. Oceanview - shimmery green with teal undertones
5. Tropical Sunset - shimmery chocolate brown

First off - the two matte shades. I love these two colors. I'm not a huge fan of all-matte palettes and so having two essential matte shades with shimmer shades maeks for a fantastic group of colors. 

White/cream and brown are essential matte shades that everyone should have in their makeup collection. These two help produce any and every makeup look you could imagine. For any look, a matte brown in the crease helps to define the look and darken it and a matte white is perfect for a brow bone or inner tear duct highlight. 

The shimmer colors - caparinha cocktail, oceanview, tropcial sunset - are the huge draw for me. I'm obsessed with the green/teal color and think it can add the perfect splash of color to a summer look!!! As in the look I'll do below, the green color is a great lower lash line color, giving your look a bit of quirkiness and a perfect balance of color.

Caparinha cocktail - the shimmery gold - is also a favorite from this palette. I've been looking for a perfect gold shadow and I'm pretty sure I've found it. 

Here, I have the three shimmer colors swatched on my arm. As you can see, the shades are pretty impressive and deliver warm tones and gorgeous shimmer.

As you can see, this palette has a great summery-warm toned look to it and I was eager to try it out once I bought it!

Below is the look I achieved using the palette.

This is a new favorite makeup look and perfect for summer.

This was really easy and other than my base and eyebrows, I only used this palette! First off, I started off with Toes in the Sand and spread it across my lid as well as highlighted my brow bone and inner tear duct. Next, I took Espadrilles on a big, fluffy blending brush and just blended that into my crease until I got nice definition. 

Then, I took the golden shimmery shade, Caparinha Cocktails and spread that over my lid, focusing the color away from the outer corner of my lid, and more as my all-over lid color. Then, to leave my crease and outer corner even more defined, I went in with the shimmery brown, Tropical Sunset, and blended that into my crease until I got a really beautiful dark brown, glow.

Finally, I finished up and lined my bottom lid with the green shimmery color, Cceanview, spreading it across my lash line up to the inner corner of my eye. 

This was an incredibly easy look to achieve and I'm so so pleased with how it turned out. 

Not only does this palette deliver fantastic color and shimmer, but these shades are easy to blend and easy to apply. You really don't need much product on your brush to create a look, which means these are perfectly concentrated and easy for packing on.

It's so beautiful!

A close up of the look - don't mind that LOVELY red eye I've got going on here (don't worry it's my contacts, not anything nefarious)

Overall - I love this product. I think it's totally worth the $36 and I have already been using this non-stop and don't plan to stop anytime soon!

Hope you guys liked this post!
See you soon

xo Emily 

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