Summer TV: My Picks!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to be talking about something I think everyone is a huge fan of.... Television!

Television is probably one of my favorite things in this world. I'm a self-defined TV fanatic and binge-watcher extraordinaire. And for a fanatic of televison, sites like Netflix, Hulu +, and HBO Go are not good for me (I have a subscription to all three), especially when paired with a school year.

Thankfully, it's finally summer and that means free time. I use summer as a time to jump into new shows, as well as catching up on my favorites. I know a lot of our favorite shows end as summer begins, but a new crop of fun, summer TV always emerges. I'm really excited about that. 

Today, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite shows that are returning this summer as well as my thoughts and picks for new summer shows.

Let's get into it!!

Returning Shows:

Orange is the New Black - I'm not spreading any new information here really, as everyone who has a Netflix account is probably just as obsessed. This show is amazing. I love the women in the cast and the portrayal of the prison  system, especially when women are swung into it. I was so pumped for this new season, which just premiered a few days ago and is available for streaming on Netflix now, and it did not disappoint. I'm halfway through the season and obsessed! New characters, new problems, and a bunch of raunchy situations that anyone will be happy to see are allllll happening. Watch it now!! (Netflix)

Teen Wolf - I'm not a teen anymore but this is one of my favorite shows. I've always been obsessed with any vampiric, werewolfic, or supernatural-esque show and when I saw how CUTE these wolves were, I was hooked. The show has matured throughout it's three seasons and the angst has grown just as much as the characters have. Although I love it, last season left me a little peeved so I'm giving this next season a warning, hoping it doesn't break my heart again. Alas, I probably won't ever stop watching, if only for the beautiful people in every episode (I'm talking about you Dylan O'Brien). (June 23, 10/9c MTV)

Masters of Sex - After an absolutely amazing first season, I'm so excited this show is back. It's about real-life sex researchers played by Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen, and I'm sure we'll see some sexy shenanigans and complications play out in the second season. I cannot wait! (July 13, 10/9c SHO)

Looks Promising:

The Leftovers - A post-rapture series, set after some of the world's population disappears in what we can assume is a rapture type event. I really like Justin Theroux and HBO usually delivers on shows so this looks really cool. (June 29, 10/9c HBO)

Extant - I'm sure everyone has seen commercials for this but that hasn't deferred my excitement for this show. Basically what I'm getting is that Halle Berry is an astronaut, who comes home after a longer than appropriate baby gestating time period (13 months) to find she's pregnant.... so what the hell is in her? I'm stoked to found out and I love Halle Berry so this sounds good. I hope it's not over hyped and actually delivers some alien weirdness. (July 9, 9/8c CBS)

Welcome to Sweden - Produced by Amy Poehler and starring her brother, this has all the makings of a fantastic summer comedy. The series sees Greg leave a career in New York to move to Stockholm with his girlfriend. Cultural differences and language barriers await I assume...which always makes for good TV. (July 10, 9/8c NBC) 

The Strain - There isn't much in way of plot for this show and I'm glad. This looks damn good. From what I gather, an outbreak of scary Vampirism has hit New York and a scientist, Corey Stoll, basically is thrust into this scary vampire thingy that's going on and I assume must protect and prevent these monsters from getting at everyone. Sounds like my kind of show and I LOVE Corey Stoll (House of Cards, Midnight in Paris? Anyone?) so I am really really excited for this. And if you're a Lost fan, Carleton Cuse is an executive producer so it's sure to have twists and turns and mystery.... Just check out this promo. (July 13, 10/9c FX)

Those are my picks for Summer TV and I am WAY excited to watch. I hope they don't dissapoint, but there's a really strong batch of shows this seasons so I think one or two might stick.

What is everyone else watching this summer?

xo Emily

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