September Favorites

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What the HECK??? How is September over? (Actually I say this every month, but it's true!) Here are some favorites I've been enjoying for these past 30 days!

September Favorites

September Favorites by eaperry featuring shimmer makeup

1. ASOS Takota Shoe Boots - This is one of my favorite fashion favorites of September. I got these on ASOS on sale and they are absolutely gorgeous! First off, I'm short as heck so I need a heel - and these don't disappoint. Secondly, I wear a lot black because Lucifer has taken over my soul so I wanted a few colorful pieces (shoes, scarves, jewelry) so I could really add pops of fun! These are really great because you can wear them in summer or in winter with tights! I can't wait to wear these with all my black clothes!

2. Tarte Waterproof Creaseless Concealer - I gave a review of this product not too long ago but I have found myself really reaching for it during September. I started school back up and began a new job so picking a concealer that I knew was gonna stay on through the sweat of the commute and through a day of class was a must! This was the one I went for. I wear the shade 'Light' and I really love how 'creaseless' this is - hence the name. It's a great product. Be sure to set it with a powder though because it gives you a bit of that oily look under your eyes- which is NOT cute FYI. (I only just learned this, okay, don't make fun of me)

3. The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer - Yo? You wanna look like a fairy dusted your cheeks with a FABULOUS amount of fairy dust.....then pick this up! I absolutely love this highlighter. I'm all for that super, hella shimmery face that looks really healthy and glowing so this was just the best thing to use. I pop this on the tops of my cheekbones and on my cupid's bow and BA-BAM, fairy goodness! 

4. Bite Beauty Lipstick in 'Cava' - Let's preface this with a well-known fact about me: I love berries a HECK TON. Okay, on to why this is a favorite.... Okay. I love Bite Beauty lipsticks because they're so darn creamy and soft and perfect on your lips. And my go-to favorite shade right now is a berrylicious shade called 'Cava' - makes sense right? Wine...berries...grapes....?????? Okay, well, this is just a fantastic color for almost every skin-tone and is super appropriate for every day looks and for the fall time! UGH, obsessed!

5. Twenty-One Pilots and MisterWives - My last two favorites are my music picks for this month! I've been jamming to Twenty-One Pilots and MisterWives for the entirety of September. I really like  'Holding Onto You' and 'House of Gold' by Twenty-One Pilots and MisterWives' 'Reflections' and 'Twisted Tongue'. They are absolute JAMZ. I know I'm late to the game on TOP but I'm here now okay. 

Hope y'all enjoyed my favorites for this month! What have you been loving? In particular, what beauty products and what music?

xo Emily


  1. I've been loving cava and the Mary Lou manizer this month too! They're beautiful products. Great favourites x

  2. I totally want to look like a fairy dusted my cheeks! Who dosen't? I've been wanting to pick up The Balms highligther for quite a while now, but it's not easily accessable where I live, but I will find it! Great blog btw :)