DIY Cruella de Vil Halloween Costume

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hey everybody! Last night I went to a friends Halloween party and was in dire need of a last minute Halloween costume. I ended up creating this pretty awesome DIY Cruella de Vil costume!

HERE is the finished look :)

I'll show you how to DIY this below!

Here's What You'll Need:

1. A (FAUX) fur coat or big fluffy winter coat 
2. Black Tights
3. Either a Red or Black dress
4. Some vampy heels - (black or red)
5. 2 pens
6. Black eyeshadow, black eyeliner
7. White hair spray (if you have dark hair, dry shampoo works in a pinch!)
8. Optional: Long red gloves and dalmation stuffed animals

Since I decided this costume literally minutes before the party, I really had to work with what I had in my closet. (It's also a bit uncharacteristic for me because I love dogs, but eh, it's a cool look!) It's not the Cruella de Vil exact from the film, but I still think it's something she would definitely wear.

The main focus of the outfit was the coat - which my roommate kindly let me borrow. (Check out your mom, sister, or friends closets for help with your Halloween costumes!)

I decided to go for a longer black dress, which is actually a black maxi skirt that I just hiked up over my boobs. I really like the length it gave me. I had some red pumps laying around so I popped on black tights and put those on. Cruella's wardrobe most likely consists of black, red, and dalmatian print so I thought it was all pretty perfect for her!

For my hair, I first parted it directly down the middle and curled all of it. Then, I went in with a white hair spray (you can get these cheap at any Halloween store or Party City) and sprayed it all. It wasn't giving me the exact color pay-off I wanted, so I used Dry Shampoo to fill in the bits I missed. It wasn't completed white, but because it's a last-minute costume, that was okay!

I finished off with fashioning her famous long cigarette holder. To complete the illusion, I taped two black pens together and in pictures, it looks totally awesome. 

For the makeup look, I basically just wanted to go heavy on the black and heavy on the liner. I did a simple smoky eye, and focused black eyeshadow on my lower lash line and deep in the crease. Then, I did a standard cat-eye liquid liner look but just extended the flick out to about where my eyebrows end. I just wanted that dramatic eye look.

Finally, I finished off with a classic matte red lipstick, because it really adds to the whole 'Cruella' vibe. Mine's from Makeup Forever and it's great because it stayed all night and didn't smudge.

Do you like how it turned out? What are your favorite DIY/Last-Minute Halloween costumes?

xo Emily


  1. Haha ah I can't wait till Halloween! Great outfit, I always used to love to hate Cruella De Vil.

  2. Nice work!! I recently rewatched 101 dalmatians and really enjoyed it :)

    Daisy | Simplicity Relished

  3. Amazing costume! Thanks for the idea! I hope you will visit my blog!

  4. Looks amazing!

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