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Friday, August 1, 2014

As I get closer to another year away from home, I wanted to just take the time to appreciate the little bits and bobs around my room that make it mine. I'm excited to start another year away, but also sad at the same time. This has been my place for years, and I love it very much.

My room has got quite the pink and green vibe going for it, which I love a lot because it's so bright and colorful. I really love my curtains, which are just a sheer material tied up with striped ribbons.  

One of my favorite pieces in my room is this phone. It's very old, given to me by my grandma, and has always been front and center in my room design. It's also still fully functioning, which is a super fun touch. I set that on top of books usually, and today I've got Stephen Colbert's America Again out for display. (Go read it, it's hysterical)

Above some organizational shelves is my favorite poster in my room. It's an old-fashioned map of Paris, written completely in French. My sister got this for me years and years ago and it's always been up in my room. I even bring it with me to college each year, so it's got a bit of wear and tear to it. I also love to have christmas lights up around my room, because I love everything to be very bright. 

My bulletin board is another fun thing about my room. It's homemade and sits above my desk. I love to put some of my favorite tickets, pictures, and stickers on it. In the photo below I've got my Bonnaroo 2013 Bumper Sticker, my Passion Pit ticket, my US Open ticket from last year, a picture of my sister and me, and a San Francisco postcard.

This part of the board has a whole bunch of tickets to both concerts, plays, and sporting events as well as a few stickers and a picture of my best friend and me!

Over on my dresser is a little dish where I keep my most loved earrings and rings. Currently I've been loving the starfish earrings and a zig zag ring I got from Urban Outfitters.

I love my room, it's definitely a place for me to relax and enjoy a good book or show. I'm sad to leave it again, but excited for the next year!

xo Emily

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