August Already?

Monday, August 4, 2014

I can't believe that we are already into August! It seems like just yesterday that I was finishing up finals and flying home for the summer (back in May). This summer has gone by so fast and in almost exactly one month, I'll be back to school and back to the grind. This is incredibly exciting, as I've missed my city, my friends, and my school routine. I'm also pretty pumped about my upcoming classes and some pretty exciting things that will be happening! I forsee that'll be my best year yet! 

I'm also sad to leave home again, especially my parents and dog and friends and hometown. It's always an adjustment to leave home and miss home, but it's good for me to be where I am. 

Freck did not want to leave me last year!

That being said, I've got a lot of packing and organzing to do for the big move (AGAIN) and I thought I'd share a few tips and some of the best things to do when you're starting a new school year!

As I've got a month left, I haven't started packing quite yet but I have begun to make a few lists. Lists are super helpful when you need to pack for a whole semester or whole year, and I utilize them to their fullest.  

Here are a few things on my current list and a few tips on what you should get prepared in your hometown (if you're traveling out of state, etc.)

  • If you wear contacts, make sure to get a few extra boxes just in case - most can be shipped to you, but you want a few to begin (Same with certain medications, including birth control - which you need to take on a schedule)
  • If you are supposed to soon (within the next 5 months), go to your doctor/dentist/gynecologist at home, you'll want to use your normal physician, finding one out of town is harder
  • Only bring essentials - you can always get things shipped to you if you absolutely need it, but in my experience, bringing more isn't always the best idea. I brought too many clothes and didn't wear hardly as much as I thought I would.
  • If you see something and say 'oh, I might need that at some point' but don't have a specific instance in mind, do not pack it. It will only cause clutter and if you're flying, take up more room!
  • If you're moving to a big city for college (NYC, Chicago, LA, Nashville, etc.) buy some of your essential toiletries and school supplies at home. For instance, I go to school in NYC and the cost of living is higher, so basic necessities are more expensive. I make sure to stock up on some school supplies and toiletries at home, because I won't have to spend as much once I get to school.
  • Start researching cheap textbook options now. If you wait until the last minute, you might end up buying the most expensive option just so you're not behind in class. Check sites like B&N, Chegg, and Amazon for cheaper, rental options.
  • Map out your schedule in advance, don't wait for the day before classes to know where your classrooms are, be prepared!
  • AMAZON is your best friend. As a student, you can qualify for Amazon Prime for FREE, which means free and fast shipping on basically everything. This will help you tons, especially if you're in a pinch for a school supply or a textbook!

I hope some of these tips helped, especially since these are exact instances that I've learned from and picked up on! 

Happy packing!
xo Emily

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