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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

If you're not aware, Urban Decay is coming out with a NEW Naked Basics palette!!!!!!! 

I am beyond excited because I am obsessed with my original Naked Basics palette and this one looks absolutely gorgeous! Check out the completely new and one of kind shades here.

It comes out on August 19th, one week from today, so I thought I would do a post on the first Naked Basics palette right now!

I love this palette and use it every single day. It's got the perfect neutrals that I use with every single look. 

These shades are also incredibly versatile. The first shade, Venus, is a off-white, semi-shimmery color which I love to use all over my lid, as a brow highlight, and as an inner-tear duct highlight. I use that shade all the time, and I've almost hit pan! The next shade, which is a more yellowy matte shade, is perfect for setting under-eye concealer. Walk of shame, a very light nude matte color is a great all over the lid shade and can even be used to set concealer.

Next is Naked 2, which is taupe and matte and such a great crease color. It looks wonderful to define it and adds great dimension. Faint, the brown matte shade, is also great for your crease, but works awesome as a liner and brow shade. Last is a dark black matte shade, which is amazing for lining your upper and lower lash lines and is great for a smoky eye. 

I just love this palette so much and am looking forward to the new Naked Basics palette, which seems to have some gorgeous shades that I haven't seen before.

I'm so excited to pick it up, but I don't know if it'll top the first Naked Basics palette!

xo Emily

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