The Tuesday 10: Things to do in New York during the Holidays

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hey guys! I've got another Tuesday 10 for you today, this time with 10 things to do in New York during the holiday season. New York is one of the most magical places to be during Winter and the holiday season, and there are countless places to visit and experience to make it even more special. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas or not, these are some amazing places to just take in during December!

1. Rockefeller Center {this is an obvious one, but experiencing the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and the surrounding holiday decorations at 30 Rock is truly special}
2. Bloomingdale's Windows {the Bloomingdales at 57th and 3rd puts up spectacular Christmas lights each year, with the entire side of the building lit up in glittery holiday spirit. It's such a fun sight to go see and going inside for Christmas shopping is just as fun}
3. Chelsea Market {this market is fun to visit at any time during the year, but during the Holidays, there are decorations and lights up everywhere. Grabbing a hot chocolate or coffee and browsing the shops is fun during Winter}
4. Love Sculpture {located in Midtown at 1359 Avenue of the Americas, this is one of the most iconic pop art images by Robert Indiana. It's a great place for a photo op, plus it's cute to pose in front of with your loved ones}
5. New York Botanical Garden {each year, the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx puts up beautiful scenes from across the city, using the gorgeous flowers and plants from their garden}
6. Bryant Park Holiday Market {The ice skating here is great, with the surrounding holiday market making it even more special. There are countless booths of vendors with holiday gifts and the Christmas tree near the rink is beautiful}
7. Ice Skating {there are a ton of great places in New York for ice skating. My favorite is Bryant Park's rink because it's the biggest and cheapest. Rockefeller Center and Central Park are also great places to skate, though a bit more crowded}
8. Christmas Lights {the city does a fantastic job decorating for the holidays and everywhere you look, there are Christmas trees with lights strewn about and ornaments on every branch. I love how colorful and lovely the lights make New York}
9. Columbus Circle Holiday Market {located right by the 59th street entrance to Central Park, this is one of the best holiday markets in the city. It's perfect for finding little gifts and just exploring}
9. Central Park {the park is gorgeous in the Winter, especially when the leaves have fallen and there's snow in the air. Grabbing a hot cocoa and walkign around the reservoir and then visiting the Ice Skating rink is one of the best ways to experience the holidays in New York}

What are your favorite things to do during the holidays in your city?

xo Emily


  1. Love this! The city during the holidays is just the best!

    x Kat