Exploring New York in December: The Essentials

Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December! Not only is this one of my favorite months, it's also the month that I most love to spend in New York. The city is even more festive and vibrant than usual, with every street filled with decorations and lights, making everything buzz with that holiday energy. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, New York is a great place to visit during the holiday season. Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, and Columbus Circle are buzzing with people and joy and happiness! Since it's one of my favorite months to explore and enjoy my beautiful city, I thought I'd share with you my essentials for a December day or night in the city!

Exploring in New York

Exploring in New York by eaperry 

a big puffy coat {I own this 
Nautica Long Puffer Coat and it's the absolute best thing to have in winter. Most puffy coats are filled with some warm material, like down feathers, that keep you incredibly warm from head to toe...when you're exploring the city in freezing temperatures, this will be your best friend}

a cute (but warm) hat {even if you have a hood on your coat, they're sometimes a huge inconvenience. If you've got a cute hat on, like this cute
 reindeer hat with a pom from Topshop, then you'll be warm and fashionable}

sunnies {sunglasses are a great thing to have (no matter the weather) because they block harmful UV rays from your eyes. During winter, they're an extra layer to combat against the bitter wind of New York. I adore my Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses which are practical and stylish}

a guide to New York {whether a tourist or not, having a bit of a guide to where and what you'll be exploring is always a great idea. I love using the Zagat guide, which gives you restaurant ideas. It helps narrow down the endless choices New York has!}

a scarf {any scarf will do, but having one on you will literally save your life and add that extra bit of warmth you'll need. I love these cheap ones from 

chapstick {an obvious choice in winter, what with the cold air always wreaking havoc on your skin and lips. My favorite of all time, Carmex, is the best to keep your lips hydrated and healthy during December}

texting gloves {though we all want to unplug and not be attached to our phones, your cell is going to be a huge help when exploring New York. These North Face ones are cozy and practical}

a camera {duh. Though your smartphone might double as your camera these days, it's really nice to have that physical camera with you to capture everything beautiful in New York}

warm boots {in particular, rain boots or winter weather boots, in case of snow or rain. The city is beautiful when it's snowing, but you won't want to have to stop exploring because of fear of frostbite on your toes. I love 
Hunter Boots because they're such great quality, cute, and comfy}

and finally...

a reliable, long-lasting backpack {first off you need somewhere to hold all these essentials....
secondly....you won't want to be walking around the city with your hands full, so a backpack is wonderful. I absolutely adore this cute black one from FjallravenCanada, which also has straps so you can carry it if you need to. This is a great thing to have when exploring the city, not to mention it's a great price and cute as can be}

What are your essentials for exploring?

xo Emily


  1. These would make the perfect gifts! I love those Hunter Boots!! New Follower!

    XO, Erica


  2. It must be really cold in New York's winter! And I love those boots!
    With love,

  3. I have that scarf and pair of gloves - and I love them! That bag is totally cute too! Maybe it'll be on my Christmas list...