Naked Basics 2: The Obsession Continues

Saturday, September 13, 2014

As the title of this blog post might indicate, today I'll be sharing the Naked Basics 2 palette with you! It costs the same as the original Naked Basics, $29, and came out in late August. I picked it up a few days after it came out but haven't made a post just yet because I was transitioning into my Junior Year of college and wanted to test out all the shades!

But finally, I'm settled in and am just as head over heels for this palette as I was the original Naked Basics. 

First off, the packaging is almost identical to the original palette, except it's  got a big ole '2' and a slightly lighter color to the words on the outside of the palette. 

Inside the palette has 6 eyeshadows, five of which are completely new shades. Unlike the original palette, all the shadows are matte and run more taupe/nude and really complement a cooler skin tone. The transition from shade to shade in this palette is a lot more subtle, which each shade really complementing each other and building intensity from a pale nude matte to a deep, smoky brown matte shade. 

First off is 'Skimp' a very nude, matte shade with only the slightest bit of shimmer. Next is 'Stark' which is a nude pink matte. 'Frisk' is a warm-toned gray matte. 

'Cover' is a reddish/brown toned matte. 'Primal' is a brown matte, which is much lighter than the brown matte in the original Naked Basics and finally 'Undone' is a deep, smoky brown/gray matte shade. 

Here are the two palettes side by side. 

As you can see, the new palette is a lot more muted and taupe-y and all the shades transition really naturally. I don't think I could live with the original Naked Basics palette because some of the shades are absolutely essential for everyones makeup collections. 

Overall, I really have been loving these shades. It's the perfect palette for if you have an everyday, very neutral look and you have cooler-toned skin. They are definitely are and could be staple shades in my makeup collection!

I also did a makeup look to really test out the shades. It came out similar to looks I do with the original Naked Basics palette, but that's expected as they are similar. 

I used 'Stark' all over the lid as a base and then used a big, fluffy brush and 'Frisk' to define the crease. Once it was completely blended, I went back in with the same fluffy brush and used 'Cover' to define it even more. I blended that (a lot of blending) and then went in again but with 'Primal' and blended that to deepen the crease even more. Lastly, I used a bit of the darkest shade, 'Undone' to really finish defining the crease. After that was blended in smoothly, I patted 'Skimp' over the front of my lid to give it a bit more brightness. 

Above is the look before I went in with eyeliner and mascara. Below is the finished face! I love how neutral and taupe it turned out!

I really love this palette and especially how it looks with my skin tone. I recommend this completely. It's a definite everyday makeup product!

xo Emily

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