Floral and Lace

Monday, September 22, 2014

When I first started my blog I toyed with many names. I didn't want to pick something I knew I would get tired of and eventually I settled on this, Meow Emily, which I think is pretty much me. But before that, I seriously considered calling it 'Floral and Lace' because those are probably two of my favorite things to wear/have around. I adore flowers, nature, and all things green and about half of my wardrobe has a hint of lace on it; so I thought it would be fitting.

Today is my first "official" outfit post, and I know it's not really that great and the quality of the photos aren't really that great but I'm trying. 

For awhile, I approached this blog only doing my beauty posts, which I feel that I have some modicum of expertise on. I wanted to branch out into fashion posts for the longest time but because of insecurities about my body, etc, I was a bit scared and nervous to share my outfits. 

It's taken me  a bit of time to be more secure and confident with how I dress and how I express it, and I've finally gotten to the point where I don't really care what people say, as long as I'm having fun. 

So that's a long-winded intro to this post, but here it is, a look with Floral and Lace...

I break fashion rules. Probably because I don't really know many fashion rules, so I have no problem with wearing Florals as winter comes along.

I really love this pants. As a short girl, with short legs, I always wanted to wear these 'pajama' type soft pants and I finally found a pretty cute and comfortable pair.

A little more detail into the makeup and earrings. 

Top: Arizona Lace Hem Top | Pants:  Decree Elastic-Cuff Soft Floral Pants | Shoes: Madden Girl | Earring: Forever 21 (similar style| Lipstick: Bite Beauty 'Cava'

Hope you (maybe) enjoyed this? 

xo Emily

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  1. I really love floral things so I think I'm inlove with your pants!! ahahah!