Day to Night Smoky Eye

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Today's look is a day to night smoky eye, which I find myself favoring. Sometimes I'll wear the toned down version to class or work and then pump up the smokiness for a night out or dinner! I love how easy it is to just transition between the two.

To start out, give yourself a flawless base. I used the L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation in 'Classic Ivory' across my face, then applying Tarte's Creaseless Concealer in 'Fair' under my eyes. I set everything with my Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder, focusing on my T-Zone. I bronzed up my face with the N.Y.C. 'Sunny Bronzer' and then popped 'Rockateur' by Benefit on my cheeks and finished up with my current favorite highlighter/luminizer, The Balm's 'Mary-Lou Manizer'.

After my flawless base was completed and I sprayed it with a makeup setting spray, I moved onto creating this smoky eye look. To achieve this, it only takes a few easy steps.

The 'Day' Smoky Eye
1. Prime your eyes - we're going to be using a lot of shadow so we want to make sure it stays on all day and night. (I used L'Oreal's De-Crease EyeShadow Base, one of my favorites.)
2. Put either a light shimmery or light matte shade across your entire lid. (I used Urban Decay's 'Venus')
3. Define your crease with a matte taupe shade (I used UD 'Naked 2')
4. Further define your crease by bringing in another shade to define the crease, this time darker. (I used UD 'Faint' and 'Darkhorse')
5. Go back to your lid with a shimmery shade, lighter then your crease, but darker then the original shade you used across your shade. (I used UD 'Sidecar')
6. Go back to your crease and use just a small amount of a black shadow to define it and make it a bit more smoky. Be careful not to go overboard and BLEND BLEND BLEND! (I used UD 'Crave')

That's all the eyeshadow done but to amp up a bit more smokiness, without going overboard, I used Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner in 'Zero' and used a pencil brush to smudge this out on both my upper and lower lash line! To finish everything off, I used a few coatings of the Smashbox 'Full Exposure' mascara. 

The final step is a bit of daytime appropriate lipstick. I popped on Bite Beauty's 'Musk' which I've been loving. It's perfect for the transition into Autumn and is great for an everyday look! 

To go from day to night:

The 'Night' Smoky Eye
To go from the appropriate day smoky eye, to a more sultry version of it, it only takes a few simple steps. First off, I'm going to coat my lid with a darker shimmery shade. This time I'm patting on 'Smog' by Urban Decay. Then I'm going back into the crease with more of 'Crave' and then going in with the darker, more shimmery 'Creep'. To really amp up the smoke, just take a bit of the shadow on a fluffy brush and add it slowly, building up the intensity after each application. I also swept that black shadow down to my lower lash line to really give it a more smoky look. To finish this off, I tightlined my eyes and added a dramatic cat-eye with the Kat Von D 'Tattoo Liner' and copious amounts of mascara. 

To really finish this off and make it a definitive 'Night' look, I went with a classic red for the lips. This is Makeup Forever's 'Matte Red 8' and then added Kate Moss' Rimmel Lipstick in '111 Kiss of Life' to add a bit more. 

I really love how it turned out! It's a great transition look that I think looks great on anyone. It's also got a lot of versatility; you can amp up the smoke or lessen it and even add fun colors (I love using dark purples for this same look!)

How do you like day-to-night looks? Which is your favorite?

xo Emily

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  1. Transition from one look to another is perfect. I love how you did your makeup. Great post.