My Favorite Highlighter

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer is probably the best highlighter I have ever used. 

That being said, I'm not a huge purchaser of highlighters, but I do have a few and this one has surpassed them in every way. It's so incredibly gorgeous on the skin and is one of the only highlighters I've come across that looks natural! You aren't left with that powdery feel and look that often comes with highlighters, and the color is very flattering on any skin type and skin tone. 

The packaging and name is also very cute. I love the play on the 50's pin up with the image and font on the product. It's compact and sleek and is just plain gorgeous upon opening. It shines on your skin without looking like you just came from the gym. It stays on all day, especially if you pair it with a makeup setting spray. I absolutely LOVE this and it's definitely a go-to product for me now. 

I had heard a lot about this product from makeup gurus and other bloggers, but when I was back home in Missouri, there was really no where to buy it. Once I got back to New York for school, I walked into a Duane Reade randomly and voila, there it was! 

How gorgeous is this on the skin? 

It is a bit pricy, putting you back $24, but I find that any unhappiness that the pricetag caused me was erased by the quality of the product. I know this is going to last me forever and have no doubt it looks flattering. I've gotten a few compliments already about it and I've only been wearing it for a week! Woo! I'll definitely have to check out more The Balm products because I really love this highlighter!

xo Emily

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