Friday Favorites: Fall Television Roundup

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hey guys! I have some Friday Favorites for you today. Today I'm sharing my five favorite New Fall Shows that premiered awhile ago. I know it's been awhile since they first came out, but it made me realize which ones are my favorites (aka which ones you must watch).

Jane The Virgin

This is a must watch. This is a great article that kind of sums up everything wonderful about it but I'll tell you why I love it. First off, Gina Rodriguez (who plays Jane) is fantastic. She excels in this role and her performance is so wonderful. I also love that despite being this over the top plot, it's so believable because the characters have so much depth. It's also done by the same people who worked on the show Pushing Daisies which is one of my favorite shows of all time. It's unique and funny and touching and definitely something that everyone needs to watch! 

Marry Me

I'll start off by saying Casey Wilson is one of my favorite people, ever. You might remember her for her season on SNL and I was so sad to see her go but then she popped up as the hilarious Penny on Happy Endings, which ended up being another one of my favorite shows. She stars now on Marry Me with Ken Marino (another fave - Party Down anyone?) which was developed by the same creator as Happy Endings. It's hilarious and Casey Wilson is absolutely incredible. Watch it! 

How to Get Away With Murder

Shonda has done it again. If you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, or Private Practice, then you'll love this. It's such a great, twisty crime show and the characters are fantastic. It's really enjoyable, mindless fun as well. Plus Dean Thomas from Harry Potter plays Wes and Viola Davis will blow your mind with how good she is! Love this show!

In addition to all these shows, I watch a bunch more each season. I love TV so much so I try to inhale as much as I can!

What are your favorite fall shows?

xo Emily


  1. oooo i need to check out these shows :D

  2. Great post, I watched the first episode of Jane the virgin but the plot seemed so silly i didn't bother to watch another episode, maybe i'll try again. I have been loving Red Band Society.