Giving Thanks / Reflecting on Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 27, 2014

To all those who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a lovely day. To those who do not, may your Thursday be filled with love and joy. 

I am thankful for my beautiful family, amazing friends, and the life that I have. I know that I live a life that many wish they could, and I never take that for granted. Though this is a holiday to give thanks, let's remember the important things in life and the people who aren't given these opportunities. 

 Remember that this is Native American Heritage Month and while this holiday can be made of whatever you want it to be, there are those that will celebrate and reflect upon it differently. Here are two great things to read (x/x) about this holiday. They're wholly interesting and crucial to read. 

In school, we are taught that Thanksgiving was the day that the Europeans and Native American came together to peacefully enjoy a meal and combine their two cultures, but that's not the entire truth. I'm glad to be completely educated now and realize what exactly Thanksgiving and the National Day of Mourning really is. Here is something I found really helpful for understanding and explaining everything to kids and those younger than you. 

I celebrate this holiday as a day to bring together my family and friends, and give thanks for the things I am lucky enough to experience and enjoy, remembering that there are many people on this day who aren't as lucky as me. This day means recognizing what I'm thankful for and realizing that there are cultures, groups, and people who I have enormous differences with, whilst sharing some of the same core values and ideas. So, I give my love to them and hope you all have a wonderful day.

xo Emily

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