Spring Nail Polish Picks

Sunday, March 15, 2015

For Spring I'm loving (as most would assume) pastel shades that are soft and sweet. That means light pinks, blues, and purples with a few bright colors in the form of hot pink, mint, and periwinkle!

Spring Nail Polish Picks

Here are my picks (from left)

Essie 'Picked Perfect' - Caramel brown with red and violet undertones
Zoya 'Dot' - Pink, petal cream 
L'Oreal 'Pink Me Up' - Hot, bright pink
OPI 'That's Hula-Rious' - Pastel mint green
Jenna Hipp 'Throwing Shade' - Soft and creamy light lavender 
Zoya 'Blu' - Pale baby blue, dreamy and delicate
Essie 'Blossom Dandy' - Mint cream hydrangea green/blue

xo Emily


  1. I really love the Zoya baby blue colour, so pretty :) I'm currently wearing a lovely pastel pink colour on my nails :)


  2. These are great brands! Love Essie

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves