No Makeup Brush Makeup

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

As much as one might dislike doing it, it's completely necessary to clean your makeup brushes on the regular. Allowing product buildup on the brushes is not only unhygenic and bad for your body, but the actual makeup doesn't apply as well with a dirty brush.

So, when it comes time to clean my makeup brushes and then I realize I have to do said makeup, it puts me in a bind. I've become so used to the easiness and quickness that comes with applying makeup with a brush, so going without it is a bit annoying.

Today, I'll show you a makeup look I did without brushes and give you a few tips on the best way to apply certain products. This post will be a help to anyone who dislikes brushes, doesn't have too many, or doesn't have any at all!

First off, make sure your hands are nice and clean, washed with soap and warm water. Because we'll be touching our face so much, it's important to start with clean hands.

If you so choose, apply your primer with your fingers and hands to start (this is how many normally apply primer anyway). For foundation, take dime-sized amounts onto your three middle fingers and begin to apply it onto your skin using your hands. Buff the product into your skin in a circular motion, using your fingers to get the hard to reach places on your face. 

I don't usually apply foundation with my fingers, but it really does help to get the product completely integrated into your skin. Next up is concealer, which I applied using my ring finger (this is the most gentle finger, and will help when you apply under-eye concealer) across my face and onto blemishes and dark circles. 

Another option for applying concealer and foundation is using a disposable makeup sponge that you can buy at any drugstore.

The next step in my makeup is powder, bronzer, and blush - the hardest products to apply (other than eyeshadow) without a brush. To solve this problem, I used cotton balls. Using the cotton balls, I applied my pressed powder on my t-zone and then applied both bronzer and blush. (I think it turned out looking pretty acceptable!)

After using my eyebrow pen to fill in my brows (thank goodness for that), I primed my eyelids for eyeshadow. Even though I didn't have a brush, I wanted to use eyeshadow. I started out using a eyeshadow stick, which solved the problem of applying a base coat of eyeshadow; that way, I could just use the pen to put it across my entire lid. 

To get more color, I used my ring finger and patted a shimmery silver across my lid. I attempted to pat a darker shadow into the crease, but without a brush, that's difficult.

I finished off the eyes with eyeliner and mascara and I think, despite being without a brush, it looks nice!

My final step was a bit of lipstick and I was ready to go. (Revlon Lip Butter in 'Candy Apple')

It was definitely a challenge applying my makeup without brushes, but it saved me time and still turned out looking nice!

xo Emily

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