Bright and Gold

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Today's makeup was all about keeping it bright and gold. 

I wanted my eye makeup to be shimmery and pretty, with gold accents. I wanted to go for a look that was not only glamorous and pretty, but wearable. Another huge component of this look was that I tried to make my eyes look as open and bright as possible. 

To do this, I used a few shadows from my Too Faced Everything Nice palette. To make my crease this gorgeous grey tint, I used a combination of 'Too Glam', 'Totally Fetch', and 'Don't Settle'. I started off with 'Totally Fetch', which is a bright pink shadow. I used just a bit of it as a base for the next two crease colors. Then, I placed the other shadows on my crease brush and blended them in until I had the definition I liked. 

After the crease was done, it was time to do my lid. For this, I started out by placing 'Shiny Happy' all over my lid. This shadow is a light, shimmery gold color and looks so lovely in the sunlight. I then used 'Honey Pot' on my lash line and across the rest of my lid to add a bit more gold into the look. 

To really get that bright eye look I have, I used 'Snow' from my Lorac Pro Palette to line my lower lash line and then used NYX's Wonder Pencil in 'Light' to line my lower waterline. This technique makes your eyes look brighter, bigger, and more awake. 

The final touch was mascara and lipliner (I used MAC's 'Whirl' Lip Liner) and voila. 

I really love how this looks. It's got just the right amount of glam, but it's appropriate for your day to day makeup.

xo Emily


  1. love the eye-make up! so gorgeous