Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Bitten by a Vampire

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hey guys! I have another Halloween makeup tutorial for you today and this one is probably the most simple of them all. I call this look 'Bitten by a Vampire' but you can honestly be anything creepy using this look. 

To start, do you regular base routine - except use a foundation that is about two or three shades lighter then your normal skin so you have that pale, dead, and gloomy look. 

Set your face with a powder - dead things usually aren't so shiny - and do your brows as you would normally. 

Next, line your upper water line and your lower water and lash line. Then, give yourself a black smoky eye. All I did was take a black matte shadow and slowly begin to blend it onto my lid - bringing the color into a cat eye shape, building its intensity as I went. 

Next, I lined my upper lash line with a liquid liner, giving myself a dramatic cat eye. 

Be sure to add generous coats of mascara!

Next, I went in with a black gel liner (you can usue a liquid liner, paint, or lipstick if you have it) to fill in my lips. I wanted to look dark and creepy and have the black in my eye and on my lips contrast with the white of my skin and the red of the "blood".

Finally, I added the "blood". I just used a red lipstick I had and smeared it out near my lip (as if I just fed for the first time) and created little bite marks on my neck. Feel free to use fake blood for this as well - it would actually look a lot more realistic than my lipstick.

I hope you guys liked this easy tutorial! 

xo Emily


  1. Love the black lips! Really simple makeup for Halloween (:
    Nati xx

  2. So good!! You're awesome with makeup! xo