Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In the past few years, I've gone through quite a few different hair colors and styles. When I started college three years ago, I was excited to experiment. I had only ever gotten highlights in my hair so college meant crazy colors, all the time.

Currently, I've got an ombre/bayalage/highlighty look going on with my hair. I just switched it up a few weeks ago, after months at the same dark brunette shade. I did it myself, and think it turned out pretty cute. 

It's also fun to think about what my hair color means to me and what it says about me. I think with how much I change it up, it definitely means I like to stay as trendy as possible (mostly I fail at that), and that I'm definitely a creature of change. I want people to notice my hair and appreciate the changes I do to it. 

My hair color is ever-changing, unique, and fun which exactly matches my personality. I use my hair color to represent myself and I think I do it pretty well. 

I'm always looking to find new hair dyes and hair products to make sure my hair stays healthy and strong. I love Madison-Reed's hair color advisor, which allows you to input your current hair color, hair type, and desires for future hair styles and they match specific hair dyes to you so that you can find colors to match your skin type and personality!

I usually end up curling or leaving my hair naturally wavy, especially when it's multiple colors, because it looks fun and cute. After I shower I use Pantene's Argan Oil Serum, which leaves it detangled and incredibly soft. Then, I either blow-dry or air-dry my hair. To create my natural and quick waves, I love the Remington curling wand, which heats up fast and holds a curl. (Be careful though, it gets super hot. I've burned myself too many times to count. Once, I burned my thigh, which is wholly embarrassing)

I finish by giving my hair volume with the L'Oreal Boost It Volume Inject Mousse to my roots, and then spraying with the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Illuminating Spray, which leaves my hair shiny and pretty.

What are your favorite hair dyes and products to use on your hair? 


xo Emily

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