Favorite Instagrams: Food Edition

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hello everyone! Today's post is going to be a bit of a spotlight into my favorite social media site: Instagram. I am absolutely obsessed with finding new, interesting, and amazing instagram accounts to follow. 

I thought I would do a post every so often about all my favorites. Today's is going to focus on Foodies! If you're not aware, I have my own food instagram - EmilyEatz  (follow me!!) - where I share all the delicious things I try. 

Here are three foodie accounts that I love, and you will too!

Who: Ina Garten, author and chef, famous for her cookbooks and Food Network appearances
What: Delicious shots of her own recipes intermixed with shots of her famous friends, amazing adventures, and adorable husband
Why: Not only is she a fantastic chef, which means that every single photo of food she posts makes my mouth water, but she has such a charming personality. Her captions are fun and sweet and I find myself smiling when she posts a new shot. 

Who: David Chang, Founder and Chef at Momofuku (and all the Momofuku's that followed)
What: Shots of his recipes, with bits and pieces of his own adventures in dishes from around the world and around New York
Why: To put it simply, David Chang is a genius. Seeing his creations on instagram keep me dreaming of delicious food, all day long!

Who: Julie Lee, a food photographer based in LA
What: Shots of the super-healthy and super delicious fare that she makes and eats in California
Why: Not only is her instagram bright and light, but her photography is out of this world. For food photos done with real skill, follow Julie.

(Did this post make you hungry? It made me hungry)

Yum! What are your favorite foodie instagrams? Share them below!

xo Emily

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  1. Ooh now I'm hungry (and I just ate haha), love David Chang's feed the best!