April Recap / Instagram Edition

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Happy May!! I thought I would do a bit of an April Recap - through my instagram shots - and think about what a great month April was. 

Week 1 

April started out wonderfully. The first day of April was also the first day of my Easter break and my mom and sister came to visit me in New York. My mom was the first to arrive and we went to the zoo and ate out at some delicious places. (Including Jean-Georges! Yum)

Once my sister arrived we made our way to various delicious restaurants because that is the Perry family's favorite activity - eating. We went to a speakeasy bar, PDT, Eataly, brunch at Spring Natural Kitchen, two delicious Asian restaurants, and a bar in Brooklyn called The Way Station. That was one of my favorite spots because it was a 'nerd bar' with a bunch of Doctor Who themed drinks. Their bathroom was even a TARDIS!!!! 

 We also went to see the hilarious musical - A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder - it was fantastic and afterwards we met the main actor, Jefferson Mays. 

Week 2

Week 2 of April began with lots of work to catch up on (oops) and a few busy days at work. At the end of the week, my friend Laurel and I celebrated our hard work with a delicious feast. The next day, my roommates and I all went out for a fun night! 

Week 3

Week 3 brought beautiful weather (finally) and Earth Day. Plus, we celebrated one of my fellow interns last day at Town and Country. I ended the week getting drinks with my current (and future) roommates at one of our favorite places. 

Week 4

Week 4 was an absolute blast. The five days leading up the weekend were spent working hard and finishing up papers so that we could spend our weekend celebrating. It was my school's Spring Weekend celebration. It's one of the best times of the year because we have a whole week of amazing events. This year, Brandon Stanton, the creator of Humans of New York came and spoke at our school. On Friday, we had a DJ and then on Saturday we had live music, food, and a huge dance. 

The Spring Weekend performers this year were Twenty One Pilots, who I actually really love. They put on an incredible show. The dance this year was themed as 'Magic and Mystery' and I had such an amazing time dancing all night.

Week 5

The final days of April were spent enjoying the beautiful weather and working hard. It was our last week of classes so I had many a paper to finish up. But after such a hard week it was amazing to let off steam. Friday brought my other fellow intern at Town and Country, Elizabeth's, last day. We celebrated in office with Thai from Chai Thai Kitchen. 

Post-work, I went over to her apartment and we enjoyed a beautiful view off her roof and cheered to a successful month!


April was one of the best months I've had in awhile. It brought so many fun and exciting things to experience, and the promise of so many more in the future.

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Here's to May! 

xo Emily

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  1. cool photos, looks like you did a lot of fun things!

    danielle | avec danielle