I've got my nails done up....

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hello everyone! Today's post is nail polish themed, which is so fun because I absolutely love painting my nails. There's not a day when I've got bare nails and it's always fun to spend time experimenting with color and design!  

My nails today are inspired by this "Winterize Your Nails" color swatch from Julep. My favorite two shades were 'Shari' and 'Kiki' so I decided to do a bit of an inspired look using my own nail polishes. 

To get this nail look, I started by painting all my nails with a light pink shade and then once they dried, I cut out bits of tape and then put them on my nails to make the shapes I wanted (triangles for the top of the nails, and a small strip of tape at the bottom to get that little band of turquoise) and then painted the non-taped parts using a pretty blue/turquoise polish. 

To add some extra protection, I used a topcoat once everything dried. I find using a topcoat in winter helps to keep your nails lasting longer, especially as our nails will crack and be more damaged in frigid temperatures. 

And if you live any place where it's cold right now, you'll know that we're having record setting low temperatures. It's incredibly important protect your skin and body against the cold. If you liked my winter friendly makeup tips, then these tips for 'Winterizing' your nails will also come in handy.

Did you like my nail polish look today? I think I might do more of these, they're super fun and gives me an excuse to buy more polish (sorry bank account!). I keep creeping on all of Julep's pretty new colors, someone stop me! 

xo Emily

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