Have you met Matt(e)?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The word matte is pretty bizarre. For the longest time, I wasn't even aware that being 'matte' was a thing you could be. I didn't really know that 'matte' was apparently a way of life in the beauty world (my friend referred to it as that once, it makes me laugh still). When I finally understood the meaning behind being matte, or met Matt(e) as a I refer to it, I kind of understood.

If you're not aware, 'matte' refers to when something is "dull and flat, without a shine." Which sounds uber gross and not fun and not a way of life. I guess the better way to describe it, when referring to makeup and beauty, is that being matte means you are without shine and oil and your skin looks flawless and clean. 

Leaving my skin matte is often one of my favorite ways to finish off my makeup look (the other is leaving it more glowy and shiny and then the final one is the look where I don't put any effort in whatsoever, the standard look). It leaves you looking put together and pretty darn flawless.

To get that matte skin that you might sometimes see in my blog posts, I rely on two pretty important products. 

One of these products comes at the beginning of my makeup routine and then the other product is the very last step.

Matte Me Up!

After I've finished putting on foundation and using concealer, I take a big fluffy powder brush and swish that around in Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder in 'Transparent'. I'll either place it across my whole face or concentrate it on my T-Zone to really cut down on shine. I absolutely adore this product. If you read my blog I'm sure you're aware of this fact. Not only is this powder affordable ($4), it'll last you more than a year. I've had my same powder for about 10 months now, and I'm not done yet! Plus, it really is the best product for cutting down on shine and making you all 'matte'. I love that it has a 'Transparent' shade because that means I'm not adding any extra color or thick powder that I really don't want on my face. I would take it over any high end product any day.

Once I've finished all my makeup, I use a second product to matte everything. That product is NYX's Matte Finish Setting Spray. After everything is done, I spray my face with this product and it makes it completely matte and without shine (if you want glowy skin, they also have a glowy setting spray!). Again, this is affordable ($7) and is just the easiest, fastest step if you want to matte up your face!

I hope you guys enjoyed these suggestions to 'Stay Matte', I really love them and think they work wonders!

xo Emily


  1. I've always wanted to try the Rimmel Stay Matte powder because everyone always gives it such positive reviews! Great post. x
    The Style Icon

  2. I love a matte finish, especially as I have quite oily skin!


  3. Lovely blog! I feel the same way about having a matte face, it just makes me feel so much more clean and polished!