Monday, September 12, 2016

I think I'm in love...again. 

And I'm not talking men...partly because I'm very single and partly because I love other things way too much to even have THE TIME, goddamnit! I'm talking LORAC Cosmetics. In particular, the Pro Palettes.

I truly can't get enough of the LORAC Pro Palettes because they're damn perfect. If you follow my blog or my Instagram - you know I'm a huge fan of the LORAC Pro Palette 2 (I've yet to try #1) and kind of use it everyday, everywhere. (true story, I used it for all-over robot halloween face makeup once) 

So when I went into ULTA a few weeks ago and saw the LORAC Pro Palette 3 , I knew I wanted it. I had originally gone in to look for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette because I tried it out thanks to my bb Taylor and it's freaking gorgeous, but of course, they were sold out. So when I saw that the sleek little Pro 3 had some similar shades, I thought I'd spend money I didn't have on it! Yay being a college graduate!!!

It's just like the previous two palettes - same size and shape, which I love. The thinness is really nice because there's nothing worse than a clunky palette (I'm talking to you Naked 3). The inside is even better than the outside. 

You get a huge mirror - which is never really a selling point for me due to the fact that I literally can't do my makeup unless I have a big mirror - but it's actually really handy in this one. In addition, it comes with a mini LORAC eye primer.

It has 16 shadows - 8 shimmer and 8 matte - all in the warm-toned fam. 

I've swatched all the shimmer shades and they're pretty phenomenal. The softest and lightest of the eight are Light Gold and Almond Pearl - but they show up better on an eyelid than my gross, pale arm anyway. (even better with a primer)

My favorite of this set is 'Light Pewter' for a shimmer shade and the matte 'Cool Taupe'. It's great for a crease color bc we all know you need to check the crease before you do anything else. 

I'm loving the shimmer shadows of 'Amethyst' and 'Rose Bronze' in this set and CANNOT GET ENOUGH of 'Terracotta'. SHIZ that is a nice freaking shadow. 

And as you can see below, the darker shimmer shades swatch a lot better on my arm. (Also check the toenails in this pic, real professional)

I've had it for a few weeks now and the colors wear incredibly. They're long-lasting, pigmented, and gorgeous (as expected) and I really love it. Coincidentally, it has replaced my Pro Palette 2 as my everyday palette. That's okay, Pro 2, I'll always come back to you <3

Do you have a Lorac product you love?

xo Emily

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