Wednesday, September 28, 2016

One of the best things about moving into a new room or apartment is the fact that you get to organize your life again. Although it took me months to buy everything in order to do that organizing, I finally have things in the places I want them. So satisfying!

Today's post is going to be the first part of a desk tour! 

First up is the desk itself. It's the Linnmon / Adils desk from Ikea to which I attached the Pahl Hutch for storage. 

The actual top of my desk contains all the essentials, makeup brushes (the big ones), a notebook, my computer, and a candle. 

Next up is the hutch on my desk. 

The top contains just a few pretty things! First up is a framed photo of my friends and I at graduation, cute little dishes (from garage sales, by the way) containing my earrings, an 'E' from Anthropologie, a little DIY apple jar light (made by my sisters old roommate), a flask, and a wand my mom made me for Halloween a few years back!

The first shelf is mostly big stuff. We have electronics and cords in the cutest little container from The Container Store and my Question a Day Journal and Book of Cocktails! 

The second part of the first shelf contains things to write with and (some) my movies and TV shows. I have a bunch of movies and shows on my computer and in a DVD holder but here are the boxes I still have with me. Everyone NEEDS to watch Pushing Daisies by the way.

Shelf two is all about the beauty! I've got two 3 Drawer Storage Containers and I love these for storing makeup. In the first container we have smaller makeup palettes, little tools (eyelash curler, chapstick, eyedrops, etc.) and lipsticks, glosses, and liners! Beside it are another two pretty dishes from garage sales containing rings and then a huge pile of the larger makeup palettes!

On the right side of this shelf is the other 3 drawer container. I have my daily foundations and concealers, face powders, and single eyeshadows in this one - basically my go-to face products. 

In the last shelf, we have a lot of my most-reached for products. First up are my tape dispenser and stapler, as well as my daily vitamins (Calcium and Vitamin C) and my everyday things. We've got deodorant, hair spray, hair oil, and makeup setting spray. 

In addition to those everyday needs, I keep my brush and hair clips on this shelf - just so there's an easy way to grab them. 

On the last part of the last shelf is this awesome little vase from Target in which I keep my headbands and scrunchies, a little coin purse for my laundry, a mini mirror, gum, and a little wolf figurine! (so cute)

I am loving how my desk turned out. I'll be showing you part two of my desk tour soon, which is the left side of my desk and my drawer unit! Lots of organization and I'm obsessed!

What do you use to organize?

xo Emily

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