Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello everyone! 

I hope you all have had a good week so far, hopefully enjoying the nice weather!

My week and weekend have been absolutely fantastic. Over the weekend my sister moved to Washington D.C. and I came with her, helping her move into her new (amazing) apartment and get all settled in. 

D.C. is one of my favorite places. It's incredibly beautiful, historic, and I feel just a bit more patriotic as I walk down the street with the Washington Monument looming in the distance. Making the trip from New York to D.C., I appreciate the Capital even more. Everything in Washington is insanely clean. I mean it. It's spotless and I have never been so happy to see a sidewalk free of Starbucks napkins and assorted bits of trash more than now. The D.C. metro is the penthouse suite at the Four Seasons in comparison to the Motel 6 rooms that are the New York's Subway in this comparison. (I still love New York but the subway and the cleanliness leaves something to be desired)

In addition to swooning over the metro, I explored D.C.( albeit mostly as a tourist) since it had been years since I'd last been. We arrived on Saturday night, moved my sisters things into her apartment and then conked out. On Sunday, we moved my sisters roommate into the apartment and then lounged around until we went out for dinner at Boundary Stone, a local place with some good food. I had the honey hot wings which were absolutely delicious!

After dinner, me and my sister walked down the National Mall to look at the monuments, which were lit up and looked stunning in the dark.

A view of the Lincoln Memorial from the WWII Memorial

One of my favorite monuments ever is the World War II Memorial which is kind of mind-blowing to be near. First off, it's absolutely gorgeous. It has a huge fountain in the middle with steps where you can sit surrounding it. Around it are towers (50 of them each with a name of state on it. At the top of the towers are huge ribboned wreaths. (festive!) 

I always have to get a picture in front of my state for obvious reasons. 

Missouri Pride!!!!
Here is my picture from like 5 years ago haha!!
From there, we walked to the Lincoln Memorial and standing on the steps of the Memorial looking at the World War II Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Capitol in the distance, was truly beautiful.

The next day my sister and I did a lot of walking and a lot of touristy things (when on vacay right?) and we started with breakfast at The Diner which was delicious. From there, we went to The American History Museum where I got to swoon over the first ladies' dresses.

Michelle's inauguration dress....she's so beautiful

Then we walked from the Museum to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial which sits at the top of the Tidal Basin. There were paddle boats at the Basin as well which was so cool. (We almost got one but then remembered we would have to put a little effort into paddling)

Had to get a shot in front of it..... I'm wearing a top from Francesca's, a long cardigan from Forever 21, and capris. 

Our final stop was the White House which I literally am unable to resist visiting because it's the most MAGICAL place on earth. 

It's SO beautiful..... I can't believe it's real.

Of course I had to get pictures on both sides. 

Here's the actual West Wing [SHRIEKS], I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Barack or Jed Bartlet but alas, I did not. Most people don't actually know that this is the West Wing and as my sister said, "This is the actual exciting part!!". I agree! 

That's it for the pictures but let me just say I had a WONDERFUL time visiting D.C. again and I encourage everyone and their mother, neighbor, brother, and cousin to sometime visit D.C. I'm going back this summer to see my sister and I am already looking forward to it.

Have a wonderful day, all!

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