How To: Fake A Good Night's Sleep! (Part 1)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hey guys! Hope you all have had a good nights sleep.....unlike me.

Today is the start of a few blog posts I'm going to do all centered around How To: Fake A Good Night's Sleep! As a college student, I am often going to bed way too late and even have to pull a few all nighters every once and awhile. Basically, because of my bad sleeping habits, I've accrued quite a few tips and tricks in order to get through my day when I haven't had enough sleep! 

So for today's Part 1 of How To: Fake A Good Night's Sleep! blog post series, I'm join to show you tips for your skincare and makeup today. These will not only look awake, feel awake, and get some of the same benefits of sleep without actually sleeping!

So let's get to it!!! My day started around 8:00 AM after I (unfortunately) pulled an all-nighter. Maybe it was the combination of sleeping in and too much caffeine, but I just could not fall asleep last night :( 

Let's begin! So as you can see above, I've got a bare face and pretty impressive under eye circles that are such a lovely shade of purple! So let's do something about it!

As soon as you are ready to start your day after your short sleep (or lack of sleep), here are a few tips I've got for starting out your skincare for the day!

1. Drink 1 or 2 whole glasses of water as soon you wake up (it will replenish your skin, giving your skin moisture and nutrients it needs - especially since it lost those in the night)
2. Take a cold shower - the cold will make your skin and you awake! 
3. Use a coffee scrub or a face cleanser with bursting bubbles (like clean and clear's morning burst cleanser - it'll wake you and your skin up)
4. Use a face wipe or cleanser with cucumbers like the wipes below (or cucumber slices themselves) - they help depuff tired eyes and skin

Now that we've showered, cleansed our face, and moisturized it, it's time to get to our makeup! The first thing I used was the Garnier Anti-Puff Eye Roller to get rid of pesky under eye puffiness! Then I primed my face with the L'Oreal Magic Lumi primer in order make me look a little less pale and a little more alive.

For foundation, it's better to go with a light, BB cream when you're without sleep so I used this one by Garnier.

Now time to tackle those HORRIBLE dark circles. Now that they've de-puffed as much as they will, I'm going to go in with Maybelline's Age Rewind to cover up the purple and then in with the brightener shade on my forehead, nose, cupid's bow, and cheek bones to detract from my circles. Because I got no sleep, I went in with another brightener/concealer this time by Collection.

I set my under eye foundation with a yellow eyeshadow. Yellow eyeshadow is perfect for fighting dark discoloration, like from lack of sleep under your eyes. The rest of my face was lightly set with a pressed, matte powder.

My finished foundation and concealer is above and as you can see, I have taken care of my  under eye circles! But, I now look especially pale and washed out so I'm going to need to add bronzer, blush, and an illuminating highlight.

I used the N.Y.C. sunny bronzer on my cheek bones, temples, down my nose, and on my jaw because I really needed a natural, sunny warmth back in my face! Then, I just used a simple peach blush on the apples of my cheek to warm me up further. To finish off my face makeup, I used the Sephora brand highlighting powder on the high points of my face.

And voila, color is back in my face!

My last step is my eyes! When you haven't had a lot of sleep, you should not be wearing dark eye makeup, only light shades. So I went in with champagne pink all over my lid and then used my sunny bronzer as a shadow in the crease. I finished with white eyeliner on my bottom waterline and inner tear duct to brighten everything up! 

Look how not - dead I look!

My final step in my How To: Fake A Good Night's Sleep (makeup edition), is LIPSTICK! This is important when you want to detract from sleepiness. It brings the eye down, away from said circles.

I used Revlon's Pink Velvet Creme Lipstick which is just a beautiful soft and creamy lipstick, right between a red and pink shade!

And here we have the finished look!!! Not bad for someone who hadn't slept the night before and had some pretty SEXY under eye circles!


I hope this blog post helped with faking your skincare and makeup when you haven't had any or much sleep. These steps are really really easy and are tried and true tips from yours truly (I have a lot of experience in lack of sleep) so I think these will make a huge difference!!

Hope you all enjoyed the post! Now go take a nap! 

xo Emily

 (Do y'all like my shirt?)

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