Warby Parker Home Try-On

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hey everyone! Today's post is again about Warby Parker, one of my favorite eyeglasses and sunglasses brand. I love how easy it is to find cute, funky, and modern glasses - at a great price. They have a really awesome program called #WarbyHomeTryOn, in which you get to try on 5 awesome pairs of glasses or sunglasses for free! 

I recently participated in the program and tried four wonderful pairs of glasses. 

Here are the glasses form top left, going clockwise!
1. Haskell in Crystal with Blue Jay - These are my absolute favorite. I love the accent of blue and the fun touch of the clear frames. They're funky and modern, and so unique. I would love to have these glasses as my permanent ones. 
2. Burroughs in Canton Blue - These are so cute. I love the shape and color of these, they really make a fun statement.
3. Laurel in Oak Barrel - These are the most classic of the four pairs and look the most similar to my own current glasses. They really complement my brown hair.
4. Kensett in Atlantic Blue - Another really cute pair. I find myself being drawn to the colors of Warby Parker - they're so unique and retro. These were a bit too big for my face, but the color was amazing.

The fifth pair was so similar to the Laurel glasses that I thought I'd just show you guys these four!

Do you think you'll try out Warby Parker's #HomeTryOn? 
Which are your favorites?

xo Emily

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  1. Love these glasses on you!