Winterize Your Beauty

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hello everyone and Happy December!

To start this post, I'd like to say I'm a creature of change - I always find myself switching up my wardrobe, my hair color, and most frequently - my makeup. As winter approaches (or gets even colder, depending on where you live), I find my makeup changing drastically. There's something about the cold weather that makes rich colors so much more beautiful to use in makeup looks. My fall color palette is equally as beautiful, but the transition from fall to winter is pretty substantial.

I thought I'd pair my makeup look with the beautiful 'Gerda Lingerie Set' from Adore Me. I love the brown because they pair perfectly with my winter makeup transition. Below are a few other combinations of sexy lingerie and makeup sets for Winter.

I love how it complements the makeup look I've created below...

For my look today I decided to focus on the 5 ways I transition my makeup from Fall to Winter and use those to create the look below.

1. Hydrating Primers 
With the cold of winter, using really hydrating primers is essential. The Clinique 'Superprimer' is one of my favorites because it gives me all day hydration and a great base for my makeup.

2. Golden Highlights
I tend to stray away from highlights in the summer but Winter is the perfect time to use beautiful shimmery highlights on the tops of your cheekbones. Golden highlights are best in Winter because they leave you looking healthy and glowing.

3. Shimmery Brown Eyeshadows
I think Winter makeup looks are all about the brown shimmery eyeshadows. The Tarte Holidaze Palette is a favorite because it has 'Shooting Star', the perfect shimmery brown that I'm wearing on my lids. I mixed 'Yule Be Surprised' and 'Mulberry and Bright' into my crease and brought 'Shooting Star' to my lower lash line.

4. Brown Smoky Eyes
Continuing on the brown trend, I like to do smoky eyes in Winter and using the Smashbox Always Sharp Kohl Liner in 'Sumatra' makes for a gorgeous smoky eye. 

5. Rich Berry Lips
Finally, I love deep berry lipsticks for Winter because it just complements the cold weather perfectly. One of my favorites is Mac's 'Whirl' Lip Liner

How do you transition from Fall to Winter makeup?

xo Emily


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing! Happy December!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. love this, the sets are so cute


  3. i love those lingerie options! the blue especially