The Best Liquid Liners

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

If there's one staple in my eye makeup routine, (other than mascara of course) it's liquid liner. I absolutely love amping up my makeup with a cat-eye - which is best achieved with liquid liner - because it looks cool and has become a signature of my daily makeup.

Below are my four favorite liquid liners. 

This is probably my all time favorite liquid liner. It goes on so smoothly and literally will not move from your eyelid all day. It's deep and dark and looks great with dark makeup. The name is completely accurate. It's the most pricey of the bunch but it's worth the price.

Another favorite of the high-end variety is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. It's a little less watery than the Stila liner, which has it's pluses, and the little tip of the liner is the perfect size to line your upper lash line precisely. 

One of my drugstore favorites for liquid liner is this Rimmel Precision Micro Eyeliner. The tip of the liner isn't as flimsy, so it makes applying it easy. The consistency isn't as smooth as the high-end liners but it's still a fantastic product.

Finally, NYC's Liquid Liner is another drug store variety liner that I love. It's got an incredibly rigid and thick tip, which makes it so incredibly easy to draw a quick line. The only downside is that the strength and color payoff isn't as strong as I'd like. But, it's only $3 and that's a fantastic deal.

What are your favorite liquid liners?

xo Emily

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