Saturday, July 18, 2015

It's incredibly hot outside. Which, because it's summer, is completely normal. Despite this, I'm somehow shocked every year when the temperatures start to rise and I start to sweat profusely from every orifice. 

What a normal person might do on a day like today, one in which I can feel my hair go limp as soon as I step out of my building, would be to mosey on over to a pool, or the beach, or see a movie in the nice air-conditioning! But what I do, a completely non-normal human being, is stay inside and watch movies whilst I experiment with makeup. 

And because it's so hot, I thought I'd do my makeup wishing I was in the snow. 

Note: From this point on, it might be wise to listen to Bad Blood (the Kendrick Lamar version, duh!) while you read. 

Now I thought I would recreate the makeup that Frostbyte (AKA mega-babe Lily Aldridge) wore in the Bad Blood video. 

It's gorgeous so I thought I'd try my hand at creating something similar. I love the silver eye with the beautiful dark plum lips. It looks absolutely gorgeous on her.

Here's how it turned out on me. It's not the best recreation but I really like how it looks. I used 'Silver' from the Lorac Pro Palette 2 with a big of 'Plum' in the crease. It created a really subtle definition and helped tie in the lipstick color with the eye look. 

For my lips, I used MAC's 'Cyber' which is an incredibly dark purple lipstick, using a lip brush to create a more subdued purple lip.

Which Bad Blood hottie would you recreate?

xo Emily

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  1. You totally nailed that look! It's so gorgeous, I love the beautiful lip color.