Brunch Done Right

Monday, February 9, 2015

Quintessential American comfort that comes in the form of fluffy pancakes and creamy tomato soup is worth its price tag, especially coming from delicious Sarabeth's. 

As a self-proclaimed brunch aficionado, I knew it was time to try out Sarabeth's, a popular brunch destination in New York. A friend and I started our brunch journey at Lincoln Center and were happy to learn that the nearest Sarabeth's was a short walk away, nestled on Central Park South. 

As expected from one of the most popular brunch spots in the city, there was a wait for us to get a table. The thirty minutes we had to endure weren't as hard to handle once we decided to sit in the park and chat.

After the thirty minutes were up, we entered Sarabeth's. Even though it was a dreary day outside, the inside was warm and bright, flurrying with activity. It had a charming feel to it; wicker chairs and mint green walls make it seem like you're dining at your Grandmother's rather than a restaurant. The food is charming too. Standard brunch eats like omelets and French toast are interspersed with exciting combinations like lemon ricotta pancakes and toasted coconut waffles.

Once seated, our waiter was attentive and kind. He took our drink order immediately and gave us a suitable amount of time to peruse the menu before taking our order.

I opted for breakfast, ordering eggs benedict, my friend choosing the autumn vegetable salad. We love that the restuarant was loud enough that we didn't feel uncomfortable talking and laughing, but quiet enough so that we didn't have to raise our voices to understand each other.

It only took 10 minutes for our food to arrive. After waiting so long for a table, it was nice to have such quick delivery of our food.

My dish, eggs benedict, exceeded any and all expectations I had. The English muffin that acted as the base for the eggs was extra light and fluffy, toasted enough for the muffin to brown without getting too hard and difficult to eat. Atop the muffin sat a slice of Canadian bacon, surprisingly thick and substantial. The eggs were poached perfectly, the yolk spilling out beautifully when I cut into it, mixing with the hollandaise sauce in the best way. One the side was a light arugula salad, nicely balancing out the rich flavors of the eggs. The portions were generous and I found myself perfectly full after finishing the two halves of English muffin and argula salad that it came with. My friend and I finished our plates, satisfied and happy.

Overall, Sarabeth's was a lovely dining experience, better than any brunch I've had before it. Even though certain things on the menu can lean towards the pricey side, there are affordable choices as well. The cost and wait were well worth the delicious outcome of brunch at Sarabeth's.

It's always been my favorite brunch spot in the city and you'll love it too!

xo Emily

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