Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hello everyone! I'm so excited that it's finally December because it means I can be overt about my obsession with Christmas and I won't get too many weird looks. I'm especially excited because this December, I have so many fun things planned, so many places to go, and lots of friends and family to see. 
Because I recently began uploading on my youtube channel, I thought it might be fun to participate in Vlogmas this year. If you're unaware, Vlogmas means that you upload a vlog everyday through Christmas day. Because I'm trying to get a bit better with editing, I thought this would be a fun and tough challenge. But because I'm doing so many amazing things, I know that I'll love to have the memories to look back on! 

So (almost) everyday this December, you'll have a new video from me. I hope you enjoy a little look into my life and I will definitely continue to post beauty videos as well. 
I also think I might try to do Blogmas, a term I'm sure has been coined and used by many others, but it's the same general idea as Vlogmas. I'm going to try and post on my blog each day. I have so many amazing gift guides, makeup tutorials, and holiday themed posts for this months that I want to share!
Are you excited about Vlogmas and the coming holiday season? Let me know what you want to see!
xo Emily

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