Today's Face Tuesday: Dark and Stormy

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Today's Face: Tuesday 
A Pink Touch: Makeup Look

In today's post, I'm doing a look I like to call "Dark and Stormy". It's a really shimmery and sparkly silver and black look with just a tiny bit of shiny pink tossed in. I finish the look with a frosty, sweet pink lipstick. The look is perfect for an everyday, more dramatic look or for a fun night out!

Again, like in my last Today's Face post, I start with moisturizer, primer, and then my foundation routine. Feel free to use whatever foundation and concealers that work the best for you but today's look is best with your skin looking nice and flawless and matte. For the best results, I'd finish your foundation and concealer with Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder because it gives you the perfect finish to your skin. (It's also really cheap and lasts forever, a must-buy in my opinion!) Next is touching up the eyebrows then I go in with a bit of bronzer and blush and voila! Face is ready for eye makeup!

Before! (Look how matte my skin looks!!)

After I do all that, I just prime my eyes with and start in with a base eyeshadow. I used a light pink matte shade from the Naked 3 palette called 'Limit' and place that all over my lid and up into the crease a bit.

My lid with just 'Limit'

Next I go over just the lid (not the crease) with the silver shadow from L'Oreal's Studio Secrets HiP Studio Secrets Metallic Eyeshadow Duo in Platinum. I love this duo because you've got the most gorgeous, sparkly silver color and an equally gorgeous black color that works amazingly well with the silver. 

This is a very well-loved eyeshadow
I go over my lid with the silver shadow on the left. Black will be used later!

Here's what the silver adds. The picture doesn't do it justice but everything just sparkles beautifully. Note that I only put the silver on my lid, not the crease.

Next, we'll go in with the the Naked 3 palette again with the color 'Blackheart', the very darkest shadow in the palette. I love this color because it isn't as really as dark as black, but more of a dark dark purple with little specks of gold. 

We'll take Blackheart into the farthest side of our lid (near where our eyebrows end) and pat that on very very lightly and then go in with a big, fluffy blending brush and blend blend blend away! 

Take Blackheart up into your crease and it'll give really great definition to the look, giving it a twinge of pink and purple. 

Next, we'll go back to our metallic eyeshadow duo but this time take the black shade and bring that on top of Blackheart and blend blend blend it out even further, darkening up the look. 

I find the best thing to do when you're using a dark black is to go in with it on top of another dark color and just keep adding and patting it in until you get the darkness you want. It's always easier to add more black and not so easy to take black off your lid.

Now, we can't forget liner so we're just going to add a deep wing using Maybelline's Master Precise Liquid Liner, making the line fatter and fatter as it gets closer to the wing. I touched up the look with NYC's liquid liner as well as added a highlight on my brow bone and inner eye with the NYX white eye liner pencil.

To finish the look, add whatever your favorite mascara is. Today I used a few coats of Maybelline's Mega Plush Volume Express Mascara as well as They're Real by Benefit. 

And if you so choose, you can add a lipstick or lipgloss. I'm wearing MAC's Frost - Angel which is probably my most favorite lipstick I've EVER owned. If you can get your hands on this lipstick, BUY IT. I love it so much.

It's such a simple, pretty pink that works with literally any look. 

My pride and JOY!

Voila! We're done!!!  

The Final Look!
So that's today's face. Let me know if you like the look because it's one of my favorites and a go-to look quite often!

Yikes! I should go clean up the mess I made!!! Hope you guys enjoyed :)

xo Emily

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